Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's Officially Over

I considered Friday my last day of summer break, as this weekend has been busy seeing a few more people and also prepping for the transition ahead. 

Oat flour (I want to use it up!) zucchini bread:

Beautiful weather for patio lounging (looking east - skyline in the background):
I'm going to be "on a break" from avocado toast for a while, as I've had it so often for breakfast.

I had my annual physical, and I asked my doctor about taking this when I was feeling stressed out during the school year. I've seen it pop up in a few places, both in person at Natural Grocer's and in lifestyle blogs.
She said it couldn't hurt, but I probably get enough magnesium in my diet. She did recommend that everyone, vegan or not, take Vitamin B Complex, as it helps with everything from stress, brain and heart function, to skin and nails.  I spent a bit of money ($22) for a high quality formula, and have taken it twice - we'll see if I notice a difference!
 Lastly, some groceries from the Farmer's Market and also King Soopers. I'll be sure to share how I use it this week in meals!

I'm satisfied with my break, and am hopeful for the upcoming school year.  Thank you for letting me share my summer with you! I'll see you on Wednesday with the work week update.


  1. Oooh, i see peaches and corn! Some of the best produce is ready right now....!
    I actually take a magnesium supplement a few times a week (i have bloodwork done frequently and adjust any supplements accordingly) and i can't say it makes a significant difference. I feel like for a "calming " beverage nothing beats a big mug of fragrant tea, something about the combination of smell and warmth and ritual of making the tea feels more calming than opening a cold bottle of an enhanced beverage.
    Hope your first week back goes well!

    1. I agree - it is delicious produce right now!

      My magnesium levels are in the middle range, so this drink would taken in small dosages when I'm feeling stressed. I haven't tried it yet!

      The week is kicking my butt! *cries*

  2. I can't believe it is the end of the summer for you already! I'm glad that you enjoyed your break! It seems like you've had a good mix of relaxation and productivity which is always great. I would love to hear your thoughts on the drink and if you feel improvement with the B-Complex Vitamin. I'm looking for all the help I can get.

    Oooh what a vibrant grocery haul! I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you make with everything. I have not had nearly enough corn in my life lately so I should definitely change that. I know what you mean about avocado toast burnout, I've been there :)

    Thank you for sharing your summer with us! I hope that your transition back goes smoothly for you and for sweet Remy :)

    1. It was a great mix of relaxation and productivity. I miss summer already!

      Once I try the Natural Calm, I'll report back! Today was day five taking the B-complex, and while I notice the extra energy - I'm guessing it is a cumulative effect where I'll have to wait to see the rest of it at work.

      The week has been rough - very overwhelming! But this is what happens every year: two weeks of painful adjustment, and then I find my rhythm.

  3. Good job (not kudos) on the annual physical. That is very adult of you.

    Is that the view from your patio? I envisioned it enclosed.

    If no more Avocado Toast, I am guessing you bought those Avocados for a Big Salad? They sell Smooth Skinned Avocados down here. It is difficult to tell when they are ripe enough. Frequently wait too long and waste them.

    1. I really go in for the bloodwork - otherwise, I'd rather not go in! Ha ha!

      The view is from Sloan's Lake looking east towards downtown - not my patio. If I wanted to live over there, I'd have to fight hipsters for historic homes being gentrified. ;)

      Nothing much worse than a spoiled avocado!

  4. I'm still two weeks away from the return, and I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to it. You've just reminded me I need to make some zucchini bread - I'm weighed down by a glut at the moment, and I think there's not much better you can do with a zucchini than put it in bread.