Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stormy Weather

Two weeks left. I'm sad. Remy's sad. The sky is sad raining.

But seriously, we're in monsoon season - so it is rainy and humid (65% feels like a lot here, ok?!).  
 Met a former colleague friend for coffee.
 Lazy Tacos: Boca Vegan Crumbles, taco seasoning, sour cream, shredded lettuce.
 Veggie Sushi
 Not my best banana bread. Debating buying vanilla ice cream to put on top of it, and call it dessert.
(Mashed banana all sank to the bottom, so it's like cake sitting on mushy banana.)

See you mid-week!


  1. Your lazy tacos sound like just what I fancy about now. Or the sushi, for that matter. Basically something tasty that requires minimal effort. Wonder what happened to the banana bread? Could you pretend it's like a banana version of Eve's pudding?!

    1. It's all about minimal effort meals right now!

      I had to Google Eve's pudding, and I can see how that might work! Sadly, I gave up on it and left it for the squirrels.

  2. The sky looks amazing in that picture! Stormy weather sucks for sure but it produces a pretty beautiful sky. All of your meals look delicious. The sushi looks fresh, the tacos sound yummy and I vote yes for ice cream on the banana bread. It's so funny, I was actually looking up chocolate banana bread recipes this morning!

    I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left! It went so quickly! It's crazy that it is already August. This year has completely flown by. I hope you enjoy every second of every day these next two weeks!

    1. Chocolate banana bread might have been worth saving, but alas, I gave up on trying to save it! I'm going to tackle zucchini bread this week, so hopefully that does better.

      It has gone by so fast! I can't believe it. But, time marches on and so must I...

  3. Gosh the summer flew by. Did you accomplish most of your goals?

    If Unknown sees this post, she will know what to do to rescue the Banana Bread.

    Speaking of colleagues, I hope your coworker that was battling breast cancer is doing better.

    1. I did accomplish my goals! Every week that I was in town I attended six workout classes, updated my bathroom (new shower curtain, bath mat, and towels - all were eight years old, and it showed), and lots of time with family and friends.

      Yes, my colleague friend is doing well! I had lunch with her this week, and she is nearly finished with chemo. They switched up her medication, and so she can function semi-normally. All that is left is a month of radiation, and then she'll hopefully be in remediation.

  4. It's a known fact that coffee with hearts just tastes better. I ordered a soy cortado the other day which came with a beautiful double heart and i swear it was extra delicious.
    That looks like carrot sushi! There's a new location of Beyond sushi near my office now so i stop there to get something for dinner at least once a week now....
    You can just toast the banana bread (a dry skillet works if it's too delicate for the toaster) and give it a good smear of nut butter for breakfast.
    Two more weeks is a long way away!

    1. Ha ha! So true that a beautiful coffee always tastes better!

      The banana bread was just too soggy on the bottom, and wholly unpalatable because of it. :( But toasting a bland loaf with nut butter is a great idea!

      Only one week now...