Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So Many Questions

The last of the gazpacho.  I'm ready to be finished, but what to do with all of the tomato juice in my fridge?
 Less gazpacho taking up room means another red product takes over:
The last two times I went to Snarf's, a new gal (twice!) forgot to add avocado and sprouts to my sandwich (LADY! Who orders a sandwich with onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickles only?!). 
So, in a small protest, I went to City Bakery Cafe for a veggie sandwich. ANOTHER new gal, who remembered I didn't want cheese or banana peppers, but added jalapenos and olives to the usual veggie sandwich (sundried tomato hummus, cucumbers, red onion, romaine, tomato, pickles).
 I pulled off the jalapenos, and the olives stayed. It was fine. Am I not supposed to pick sandwiches any more? What is the lesson here?!

On a happy note, I found the single serving sold Rice Dream bar at Natural Grocers. Yes!!
How are you? Any happy or disappointing food finds in your life lately?

See you on Sunday!


  1. Yay, watermelon!! I just had some for breakfast! It was so good. How annoying about the sandwiches! Sadly does that mean that maybe sandwich making should happen at home? I hate when they mess it up but I guess at least it was still vegan when all was said and done? Lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle is a pretty sad sandwich indeed though. At least the ice cream was a fun find! That sounds yummy.

    Bubble tea is always the highlight of my week now :) I'm planning on making zucchini noodle lo mein sometime in the near future too. I really need to increase my veggie intake again!

    1. I probably will make some delicious sandwiches heading into the school year, as it will be "cold lunch" season. But you're right - at least they have kept it vegan!

      Ooh, zucchini noodle lo mein sounds amazing!

  2. I'd say if you've got too much tomato juice, then maybe Bloody/Virgin Marys! Funny how sandwiches are the most basic of foods to make, but they can either be amazing or terrifying. I'd have kept the olives and the jalapenos though!

    1. I'm not a big fan of drinking tomato juice, otherwise that would be ideal! I might make a batch of gazpacho for my parents...

      You're right! Amazing or terrifying- there is no sandwich medium!

  3. I have control issues when i comes to sandwiches so if i can't literally watch them making my sandwich i will check it's right before i leave. (Once the guy just gave to the totally wrong sandwich! There was a mix up and my bag had a tuna one in it!).
    You can always use the extra tomato juice as the liquid to cook rice or quinoa. Nice find on therice dream! Gotta love some instant gratification :))

    1. Great idea on the rice or quinoa liquid!

      I am now developing sandwich control issues...ha ha!

  4. You totally have to watch the Sandwich being mad or check before leaving the shop.

    I know it is hot, but the Tomato Juic would be good in Veggie Chili.