Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Four Days of Highlights

I'm on a roll! Enjoy it while it lasts. Ha ha!  The end of school year events (SAT testing, prom, senior banquet, graduation, final exams for underclassmen) are a little more spread out this year, and I couldn't be happier. I think I should be able to not disappear (here and everywhere else) these next two months, and in the meantime, I'm inspired to photograph tidbits here and there. 

Visions from Sunday:
 Oat Bran with maple syrup, nuts, and seeds. Taking a break from this bowl from a while, as I have had it so many times!  Kale and cabbage salad mix with cucumber, carrots, Boca Chik'n patty, sunflower seeds, and sweet onion dressing.
Monday: back to work breakfast of avocado toast with nooch and TJ's Everything Bagel Seasoning. Sarah, you have changed my life - yet again!! Ah-may-zing.
Monday afternoon was a "longer walk" day for Remy, which means about 15 minutes at the park. I picked him up at the end, as I could see his gait weaken. It's such a process, but I'm committed.  The weather was phenomenal.
Pasta con Ceci for dinner.

Tuesday: I woke up to this...
It snowed all day, but once I was home from work, and as it was Remy's rest day - I had time indoors to cook for the rest of the week.  This was recommended to me:
Served with steamed broccoli and potato and zucchini pancakes based on this recipe. Note: the tofu is really good! I shared it today with co-workers and a student!
 Dinner used the Sriracha Tofu, too! In miso soup.

Wednesday: Springtime in Colorado means all the snow is now melted. Remy had a "medium" walk today (less than 10 minutes), and did not want to go home. Ha ha!
 Dinner tonight of spinach, cucumbers, carrots, mushroom, fried onions, Boca Chik'n patty, and Wild West Just Dressing.
 And so concludes my mega mid-week post! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you this weekend!


  1. Ooooh!! So much good stuff in one post! I'm so happy you tried the avocado toast with the seasoning! How amazing is it?! The more seasoning the better I'd say :)

    I can't believe you had snow but that there are also blossoms out! How strange!! That's great that you were able to get Remy out for a nice walk. I hope he continues to get stronger. You are such a good mommy.

    The salads look amazing! I'll have to keep that tofu in mind too. It sounds so good in miso soup!

    I'm happy for you that things are going to be more spread out for you this year! Hopefully this means that the end of the school year will go a bit smoother for you and your home stretch toward summer break won't be too bad!

    1. It's the best seasoning EVER!! I have one more avocado, and will buy more toast to enjoy it all on this weekend. All thanks to you! I'm going to insist you try the avocado pasta before the sriracha tofu. Priorities! ;)

      Our weather has been so crazy lately. I guess that is the new "normal'!

      I'm praying it all goes smoothly, so I can transition to a stress/illness free summer! Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. I always look at that tofu at Trader Joe's and wonder if it's good. I mean, how can baked sriracha tofu be bad, but since it's so much more than regular tofu I always hesitate. It does sound great in miso soup.
    Please give Remy the biggest hug for me!!

    1. It is SO GOOD! I'm stopping myself from buying it again and eating miso soup for dinner from now until eternity (it is a little high in sodium, so I will only eat it on occasion!).

  3. I am totally paranoid that the Everything seasoning at TJs is one of those temporary items that i have bought several extras! Great idea on the avocado toast. I made a tofu scrambled with it which was fantastic, but usually i just sprinkle it over cucumber slices or other raw veggies.
    I'm afraid of the siracha tofu! Haha. Miso soup is one of my favorite things ever- and since i love salt and have low blood pressure i make it all the time, i like adding the smoked tofu from Soyboy. TJs needs to sell smoked tofu.

    1. Don't fear the sriracha tofu! It is so good! It's a medium-low spice. And I totally understand what you mean about temporary items; it is a definitely a thing with TJ's!

  4. Talk about stretching 7 ounces of Tofu! And you shared some of it?! Let them buy their own damn Tofu, you are on a teacher's salary!

    I had the Mr. pick me up a jar of the Everything seasoning. Cant wait to see if it lives up to the hype. Sarah might be getting a commission;-)

    Are you chaperoning the prom and proctoring the SATs?

    1. Ha ha! I did stretch out that tofu to five meals! But it's always a win when the vegan has the best lunch. ;)

      Sarah should definitely get a commission check!

      Yes and yes! Both are this week...

  5. Go Remy! I hope more long walks are in store for him!
    Your weather looks a bit crazy - is that normal where you are? Maybe it's catching - we're due a 10C drop tomorrow.
    Love the look of sriracha tofu - how could two such lovely things be anything but great together?!

    1. Spring seems to really be out of whack this year! I can't keep up!

      I love both sriracha and tofu, too!!