Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week in Review

I had full intentions of posting on Wednesday, but I was really busy that afternoon and evening. My friend who is receiving chemo mentioned that her boys love fried rice (that was also the real reason why I tried the TJ's fried rice when I did!), so after work I came home and cooked, taking it to her that night.
 While I was cooking, Remy was at the groomer's.  His groomer for five years left, so we had to try a new gal. Very nice, but she shaved his snout all the way down and it looks weird. Good thing I still love him. Ha ha! Yes, she gave him a St. Patrick's feather, too!
 Once we were home from there, I needed to cook lunches for the rest of the week.  Mushroom & Herb couscous, marinated tofu, and steamed broccoli.
 I chose to go to bed after all of that, instead of posting - but I'm hoping you'll forgive me!  Here's what I was eating for breakfast most days:
 Yesterday and today, we are having a summer preview:
I pulled weeds, cleared the flower bed, swept the patio, and pulled the furniture out of storage:
 Before you become too jealous - know that we are extremely dry, and approaching drought! All I do is drink water, and put on lotion and lip balm.  Remy has started Omega 3s because his skin is so dry, and we've already had a month of wildfires.

 I've seen my Mom twice since my birthday, but never remember to return her vase. She suggested that in the interim, I fill it with flowers. So, I did!
 I realized this morning that I haven't talked about this coconut creamer - it's so good!
No craziness on the schedule for this week, so I can definitely pop in on Wednesday. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Remy is still the absolute cutest! It was summer like here in SLC the last few days too. Not quite 81 but close. I love the coconut creamer from Trader Joe's soooo much, and it's such a great price!

    1. Thank you! It's not his best haircut, but hair will grow...

      The coconut creamer has been very inviting!

  2. Awww Remy!!! I love his face so much. He's too much.

    Looks like you have been eating some yummy meals! That avocado toast looks like perfection. It's always best on some good, crusty bread :) The food you brought to your friend looks really great, that is so nice of all of you to help her out while she is being treated.

    There is no in between anymore! It's either freezing or snowing or hot and desert like it seems. Hopefully it levels out for you but I guess enjoy the warmth while you have it! it is getting a bit warmer now but it's still pretty darn cold here.

    1. He's so much work, too! Ha ha! Oh, this dog! Good thing I love him.

      We are definitely cooling down, and I'm hoping it brings rain!!

  3. I think your mum's suggestion was an excellent one and you got a gorgeous burst of colour there! No good weather round these parts, so I'll enjoy your summer preview remotely! What a lovely thing to do to make fried rice for your friend - food is always the best gift.

    1. I agree, Joey! Flowers are most cheerful!

      We are slowly sliding down the temperature scale, so we will be more temperate soon!

  4. I love Remy's little green harness! I hope the new groomer was gentle.

    People do love Fried Rice, looks like you made a really gorgeous one.

    Great job taking advantage of the heat wave to prep for spring. Speaking of which, isnt spring break coming up soon?

    1. The new groomer was nice enough, but shouldn't have cut down all of his whiskers. :(

      Her Mom asked if it was my recipe...Ha ha! Nope.

      TWO MORE DAYS!!!