Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Un-Spring Break

Grateful to have the week off. Appreciative of the access to my favorite workout classes (read: I'm so sore!). Thankful for the time spent catching up with my favorite people.

Peeved that it is 40 degrees, and raining or snowing and windy and cloudy.

Naturally, next week when I'm back at work, it'll be 67. *cries*

Some views of my last few days:
Pre-service Easter pancakes.
Unintended best picture in the entire world. Who cares about the juice, just look at those adorable Remy paw prints in the half melted snow! 
Slightly watery but good vegan tamales from Whole Foods.
Working my way through the last of the season citrus.
Still loving tacos. These are "snack size" tortillas, Better than Sour Cream, soy crumbles, onion, bell pepper (cooked with low sodium taco seasoning), Whole Foods guacamole.  Two of these bad boys, and you are hardly hungry for your next meal.

Check in on Sunday to see the rest of my week!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It Recently Occurred

I present to you, person or people who read my declining online journal, a few items that have happened in the last few days:
Breakfast that mirrors the box from which it came.

Soft tacos: soy crumbles, bell peppers, onion (the previous three were seasoned), avocado, Better Than Sour Cream

Banana Bread and Tea

This morning, our projected 8 inches of snow turned into 17 (and counting!). Snow day! This guy was pleased:

Prior to shoveling, I enjoyed smashed avocado and Old Bay Seasoning on toasted spelt bread and black tea.
Evidence of today's hard labor:
Just when you dig out your backyard, you can have to do the path to the car. I still need to dig out my car. *sigh*

I've been pretty productive, and I guess we'll see if we have school tomorrow or not... Even closer to spring break! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Quiet Weekend

It has been four weekends in a row of mayhem leading up to right now: very little on the agenda, plenty of quiet time, and Remy time! My quiet weekend was reinforced by a snow storm landing overnight Thursday and into Friday. My garden gnome is still in hibernation:
But earlier in the week, I picked up a St. Patrick's Day bouquet for my dining table, and that reminded me of Spring's eminent arrival!
But, back to the cold weather: Cocoa oats
Banana bread
And a little meal prep for the week: homemade sweet and sour sauce over bell peppers, onion, tofu, and jasmine rice.
One more week of school, and then it'll be spring break! I can't wait!!  See you on Wednesday...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kaleidoscope of Food

Today was a multi-colored food day:
Cream, tan, and white. (Banana, bran flakes, almond milk)
Black, yellow, and orange. (Homemade frijoles negros and arroz amarillo, carrot ginger pressed juice).
Blue. And pink! Ha, not really.
Shades of green, brown and white. (Kale avocado salad with Pepitas, baked potato).

I looked, and I don't have anything red (other than hot sauce and chili powder!), and nothing purple. Otherwise, I hit every color!

See you this weekend!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Last weekend I had family in town from Virginia, Texas,....and the motherland: Sweden. None of this was planned on purpose, it was just a collision of scheduling! I survived, and actually took a day off of work.  The last of the family left on Wednesday, and I've been trying to catch up!  First up, a view of Denver looking east, and then a walk around lower downtown (known as LoDo), playing tour guide:

Randomness from the week:
(I haven't used it yet, and I don't fear e.coli - so, I'll use it soon!)

Kept these on hand for guest, and now I get to enjoy the leftovers:

The St. Patrick's special from Native Foods. They forgot to give me the free chocolate cupcake that went with it, and it wasn't that great, if I'm honest.
Lastly, I attended a baby shower for a co-worker yesterday:

(Yes, it's a boy! Called Frankie, just like Remy's BFF.)

I'm so tired. We still have two more weeks until spring break. I hope you had a great weekend! See you soon with regular programming including meals and workouts!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Here are my meal from today:
Vega Vanilla, frozen pineapple, frozen banana, water.

Avocado and spinach sandwich and apple.

Veggie pasta and tomato basil sauce.

It has been warm and sunny, but crazy windy lately!  Looks like the nice weather will stick around, though...

I'm ready for Spring!  See you this weekend!