Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Brief Stop

Can't stay for long, as the weekend hardly existed and I'm exhausted! Too much going on, and not enough rest! 

Remy and his bff from next door went on a walk...
I accompanied a friend to Sam's Club, and purchased these:
(You'll see the salsa quite a bit this week, and blueberries by the handful.)

Upon Sarah's suggestion, I tried the pea crisps:
It's snowing today, so I made veggie chili and corn muffins (most of this will be brought for lunch Monday-Wednesday).

See you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lunch & Dinner

As promised, the final result of Sunday's production line:
TJ's Vegetable Masala Burger (ah-may-zing), red rice (just okay - needs more spice), green beans.  Co-workers have been eyeing my lunch lately. Yay Team Vegan!

Dinner has looked like this:
(Repeating this tonight, but have less noodles so I'm adding a side of steamed broccoli.)
One more serving of the Carrot Ginger Soup for tomorrow night, but I'll probably go with a green salad as this slaw with left over cashew cream (from the kale chips) wasn't good, and I threw most of it out.  

See you this weekend!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Over the Weekend

The weekend has gone too quickly! I didn't make it the yoga class I had planned yesterday, but I did get to spend a couple of hours with my cousin, her husband, and their one year old daughter (whom I adore!).  This afternoon I'm hanging out with my parents and brother as they watch football (I'm reading on my Kindle App).  Nonetheless, it has been a tasty two days (or so I think - my head cold is nearly finished).
Homemade banana bread from Happy Herbivore.
I made the carrot ginger soup yesterday, with an extra tablespoon of ginger paste - super spicy and good! Adorable storage options for the leftovers.
Tofu Teriyaki Bowl from Tokyo Joe's.
Cheezy kale chips on the dehydrator.
Asian Chopped Salad with mandarin oranges brought to my folks for lunch...

Meal prep for the week (I have one serving of the curry and veggies leftover from last week, so I only made four days worth). Charleston Red Rice from Happy Herbivore...
Served with Vegetable Masala burgers from TJ's, and green beans.
Final result and other meals coming up in Wednesday's post! See you soon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fighting the Nose

I have successfully prepared, eaten, and enjoyed the menu items from my previous post, with the exception of one: carrot ginger soup.  It was on the menu for tonight, but a rhinovirus has infected my olfactory and I can't taste a damned thing, and without a smeller to enjoy the lovely gingery is scent...Why waste good food on tasteless tastebuds? When I do make it - it'll be this recipe: 

In the meantime, here are the others: oatmeal daily, Asian stir fry veggies with fresh rice noodles and Soyaki, and homemade yellow curry over potato, broccoli, and peas.

See you this weekend!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fighting the Chill

It has already been a long winter. I only want hot food, and made an effort this weekend to mix up my meal temperatures (read: something that can't be served in a bowl).  But first, a Sarah-inspired oatmeal: 
Walnuts, coconut, dark brown sugar all up in my bowl of oats...

I keep trying to like seaweed snacks, but I just don't...
Yesterday's bowl of homemade potato leek soup was accompanied by crusty sourdough (dipped into it, naturally)...
Today's cup (not shown) of all that was left of the soup was accompanied by a spinach, dried cranberry, walnut, raspberry vinaigrette salad...
And these bites of deliciousness were just fine to eat room temperature (no, I didn't eat the whole bag - only a few! They'll be perfect when I want a little chocolate).
It snowed up to 15 inches in the mountains in the last 36 hours, and while that moisture won't land in the Denver metro area, the wickedly cold winds and foggy mornings make it extra chilly.  Thus, more hot food on the menu this week: more vegetable curry with saag, carrot ginger soup, Asian vegetable stir fry... And oatmeal, of course. I'll make all of it before Wednesday, so you can expect to see an example of each in that day's post.

Happy MLK Weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Half Way

I'm thrilled we are over half way through the week; I can see the three day weekend on the horizon! Here's my day:
Winter breakfast of champions - juicy citrus.  One of my meals prepped on Sunday: Appetite for Reduction's Braised Cabbage and Seitan, served with brown rice - taken for lunch.
Workday snack: small apple, carob spirulina energy bites, green tea.
Afternoon yoga class, then threw together broccoli slaw (sautéed),fresh rice noodles, homemade peanut sauce (and peanuts to garnish)...
It was fine, I liked the textures but need to continue to work on my sauce skills.

See you this weekend!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grocery Haul & Plans

Produce and almond milk from King Soopers....
Flour, cinnamon, and dark brown sugar from Natural Grocers (to be used with the spotted bananas for a banana bread - result below!).

As I purchased grapefruit, I felt I should honor Shen's foregone winter breakfast in Viriginia - energy bites! Garam Masala and sriram - all from Whole Foods.

On the menu for lunches: Appetite for Reduction Braised Cabbage and Seitan, over brown rice. Chickpeas and broccoli madras curry and brown rice.

For dinner: Broccoli Slaw Sautée with peanuts and rice noodles, homemade potato leek soup and salad, leftover madras curry with an attempted saag and chapati flatbread.

I knocked out the cabbage, curry, and soup this afternoon - which should help make the week go well! Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Food

A few images from the week thus far, all very appropriate for winter meals.
Oatmeal with peanut butter.
Vegan Bierock Casserole (soy crumbles, portobello mushroom, cashew cream, onion, cabbage, crescent rolls), and green beans.
Happy Herbivore Cocoa Chili 
Super juicy grapefruit
Pacific Organic Vegetable Quinoa soup.

See you this weekend!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

End of Winter Break

I'm already thinking about the projects, activities, and trips I'd like to do this year - but sadly, I am not looking forward to the new semester.  My teaching load will be heavier than the fall, and a lot busier as I am on more committees (including running and being the emcee at the Senior Banquet), and developing the program for graduation. I'm going to set boundaries, and try to take care of myself on the personal front as a means to not go insane. Here is the last hurrah from winter break:
A trip downtown on New Year's Eve, no pictures of fireworks turned out but this shot of the train station looked okay.

New Year's Day movie: Star Wars in 3D

I helped my parents take down the Christmas tree and village, and then they took me out to dinner at HoHut, a restaurant that has you fill a bowl with ingredients - salad bar style- with broth and sauces of your choice, and cooks it in front of you on a hot stone.  

In an effort to switch up my oatmeal, I added mashed bananas, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and a pinch of raw sugar.
I can definitely commit to a weekend post, and hope to also include Wednesdays as best I can!  Back to the grind, I go...