Sunday, November 6, 2016

She Recovered

My three day weekend consisted of a lot of sleeping, some cleaning (things one doesn't get to frequently - like wiping down each blind in the window, and laundering curtains), and a couple of catch up sessions with friends. And Remy, lots of Remy.
Old favorites:

New stuff:

 Boxes ticked, in preparation for the week:
 Ballot dropped, and lunches prepared (couscous, steamed italian veggies, miso gravy)
See you later this week!


  1. Steamed veggies and miso gravy sounds fantastic. I'm not the biggest cous cous fan, though I do like saying it...
    Waffle with pb and syrup always looks fantastic. why do I never think to do that?

  2. Ooooh so many yummy meals! The avocado toast looks perfect and that waffle, yum! Definitely perfect meals for fall weather and relaxing. I'm glad that you had a chance to rest and catch up with friends, both are so important. How did you like the oatmeal?

  3. So productive! Sometimes we all need a chance to rest and digest :)

  4. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with having all your lunches for the week prepped - it makes it easier to go to work if you know you've got something tasty to look forward to! Most of the time, lunch is the highlight of my day!

  5. Hi Everyone! Apologies for the delay in replying - what a week!

  6. Have you tried the instant Oatmeal yet? looks really good. So many new TJs products coming out.