Sunday, November 20, 2016


Last week really kicked my butt, and I can hardly believe I don't have to work tomorrow.  Lots of stress at school (new assistant admin and scheduling second semester classes has been a nightmare), and at home (HOA drama.... mostly due to Frankie's mom, so that's hard on me.  I'm going to resign from my position on the board as soon as the dust settles).  I like a quiet, low stress, no conflict existence and November certainly hasn't been that way! It is taking a lot of energy to not fall into an anxiety-induced coma.

From the week: smoky tempeh, collard greens, garlic and millet. (FYI: millet is very dry, and needs sauce.  I later made a nooch sauce and mixed it into the dish.)
 First snow storm of the year on Thursday. (Time to put the patio set in storage!)
 I attended a Friendsgiving yesterday, and the group had two vegetarians - so there were plenty of vegetables to be eaten! I made stuffing with this recipe, swapping out the butter for Earth Balance.  It was a hit.
 By today, most of the snow had melted and people were at the park, reveling in the beauty of the afternoon. Remy and myself included.
 I'm in town this week, and will be sure to pop in with another post on Tuesday or Wednesday! I'll be at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving, so I can't promise I'll tote my phone to the table, but I will capture what I can.  Have a blessed week, friends! I'm grateful for you!


  1. Millet definitely needs sauce, I agree. Your dish looks delicious. I am so with you, I like to have a conflict free life. When things get too weird and stressful, I have a really hard time coping.
    Have a great holiday!

    1. Millet sauce noted! Ha ha!

      I don't do well with lots of stress; it baffles me to know people who love drama! I don't get it!

      Thank you, enjoy your holiday, too!

  2. Thirded to millet needing sauce. Gena Hamshaw has a fantastic spirulina millet recipe with a turmeric/tahini sauce that's so good.
    The first snow looks so pretty! We actually saw some flakes here this morning but nothing stuck.
    Hope the stress and anxiety calms down soon. Tis the season, though, right?

    1. I have both tumeric and tahini, so I will check that out! I have a lot of uncooked millet left, therefore - you'll see more of it!

      My understanding is that New England received our snow storm over the weekend, and I hope you have survived it!

      Exactly my point! It's stressful enough this time of year!

  3. Snow already?!!??! What??!?! NOOOOOOO! Make it stop hahaha. I'm ok with chilly weather but the snow is too much. How fun to do a Friendsgiving! I've always loved that idea. I'm sure it was really fun and your dish looked delicious!

  4. Look at that pristine freshly fallen snow. I am currently soaked in sweat with paper towels lodged in some crevices of my body. I would enjoy sitting on your patio right now, just to cool off.

  5. That is a beautiful afternoon indeed! I'm not sure if I'm jealous of the snow or not - pictureseque but freezing! Stuffing looks equally beautiful too.