Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hot Food

Oat bran with maple syrup:
 Leftover stuffing and green beans:
 Tofu Pho:
 (I use everything in the front: rice noodles, tofu, daikon, carrot, and broccoli. 1/3 of the mung beans, and then the green onions. All of the herbs, fried onions, jalapenos, limes...go unused and don't keep well.)
The prepared bowl:
See you this weekend! The holiday festivities begin!


  1. Ooooh yes to all of the warm, comforting foods! The pho looks amazing. I've been craving some ramen and udon noodle soups. I'm definitely going to have to get to HMart and stock up on ingredients to make them. Have you ever seen Mommy Tang's videos on Youtube? SHe makes the most amazing looking vegan Korean recipes. I usually skip out on the part when she eats but the recipe part is so good and everything looks amazing!

    I love the holiday season so much! The glow of the lights is my favorite :)

    1. I need to figure out a good ramen recipe! We are approaching another cold snap, so there will be plenty of soup in the coming days! There is an HMart here, but it's in a far away suburb that might as well be another state. Ha ha! I usually can find noodles at Whole Foods. I will have to check out that YouTube channel!

      Yay, holidays!!

  2. The weather is now officially winter here, so all I want to eat is porridge. I could definitely go a few bowls of pho - it's another dish that really lends itself to warming you up on a cold day.

    1. Soup and porridge for days!! It is definitely winter here, too - just not a lot of snow (yet!), but lots of chilly temps.

  3. The Oat Bran looks like Hot Chocolate.

    You inspired me to buy a couple bags of Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing. Havent bought the Celery and Onions yet, and the price of Vegetable Stock is giving me sticker shock, but it will get made.

    Where did you get rhe Pho fixins? i used to go to HMart in Virginia. Good for cheap produce for the chickens and pups.

    1. Oooh, I should add cocoa powder to it next time, and then it will be like Hot Chocolate! Ha!

      Happy to inspire! I am off all things T-day, so I send my stuffing making vibes to you. ;)

      This isn't my work - I picked it up from a pho restaurant. I have ramen soup on the mind, and I will try to make my own soon!

  4. That pho looks fab!! I am soooo into the toppings, especially the crunchy bean sprouts. And i love the fresh herbs in there, but i do pass on the jalapeños and lime.
    I made a biiiig bowl of miso with soba noodles, lots of seaweed and tofu and scallions the other night, really hit the spot.