Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 9 of Summer

This week, I spent most of Monday and Wednesday helping my brother pack, clean, and move apartments. Otherwise, I spent some time preparing for work - phone calls, emails, calendar mapping, but made time to catch up with friends and rest.
Almond milk latte, meeting with a colleague.

Another smoothie bowl.

Massive slices of toasted sourdough, topped with Tofutti, tomato, and cucumber.

The last three days have been in the low 80s and even the low 70s - an absolute dream. I was able to sit in my east facing backyard in the morning, and not be burnt to a crisp.

Also dreamy, a Deli Reuben from Native Foods.

Lately, Remy has been struggling to clear the bed. Occasionally, he'll take a running start. Or he'll wait for me to pick him up. He's not geriatric, but I want to preserve his back and hips. While at checkout (at Marshall's), the cashier asked if I had an elderly family member. I laughed, but I recently saw a daschund with a neck pillow, so it's safe to say we'll do anything for our canines. 

(Remy also had a haircut today, and lots of treats to entice him up and down the stairs.)

Here we go - the final week of summer is upon us. 


  1. OMG! Remy is so damn adorable! Back in Virginia, we used two of those exercise stair stepper things for the dogs to get up on and down from the bed. Your way is much nicer.

    Sure do wish you would experience a proper (vegan) Reuben, but the Native Foods version is still a good sandwich.

    open-faced sandwiches are a very Swedish 'thing'. Must be in the blood.

  2. I hope your last week of summer is a good one. Those doggie steps are a great idea too. I'm so envious of your weather right now!

  3. Beautiful latte. I have been going a little crazy on caffeine lately - taking some time to enjoy it with a friend is a much better way to do it.
    The weather here cooled down a bit finally too but i think the rest of the week is supposed to be thunderstorms, which I am NOT feeling...
    I bought some damnn cucumbers and haven't used them! Not sure what i'm waiting for...but yr sandwich is a good idea.

  4. The sourdough open face sandwich is such a great summery meal! And i swear coffee drinks with hearts just taste better :)
    Great idea with the steps for remy, there are a lot of small dogs who do hurt themselves jumping on and from heights. And the steps are adorable...! Enjoy the remainder of your time off- that ruben looks like a great start