Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 6 of Summer

This week, I finished my patio with a trip to a sand and rock supplier. I shoveled 255 lbs of 3/4 inch butter rock (white, grey, pink, tan colored rocks) into the trunk of my vehicle, and then shoveled it into a wheelbarrow. Here is the final result:
I have two more chairs hiding along the left fence, and I decided to get the table I wanted, but it is back ordered until.... September. Holy moly. For your amusement, the 255 lbs of rock was $7.80.  "Dirt cheap!" I've sat outside in the evenings, and I still can't believe I built this!

I returned to heavier workouts, now that the patio labor intensive had ended, only to discover in my kettle bell class that my lower back wasn't ready. I still participated, but had to have modifications. By Thursday, I was able to give my full effort once again!

Last weekend, I made my VA grandma's homemade poppyseed dressing, and have been enjoying it on spinach, strawberries, and slivered almonds. Early season corn on the cob.

I cheated and made a Whole Foods salad, but came home and used the Just Wild West Dressing. I liked it, not super flavorful, but good enough.

Lastly, I treated myself to a visit to Lush and picked up a face mask. I reminded myself of much I love them when I used it this morning!

Four more weeks of summer bliss remain; I am going to soak them up slowly! 

See you on Wednesday!


  1. Yay for Lush splurges! I have a gift card from there from Christmas, I need to get in there and use it! I hope you enjoyed some pampering after all of that hard work! The patio looks gorgeous, I'm so impressed that you did it yourself! The salads look so refreshing, I've been enjoying my fair share as well ;)

    1. I think the patio is pretty, a bit minimal, but it works for now. As it has been so hot these last few weeks, I'm having to enjoy it in snippets!

      I shouldn't have waited to get back into the Lush store! I wish I had a real bathtub, so I could try the bath bombs... I hope you get there soon!

  2. I'm really really impressed by your whole patio project! You should be very proud of it! Homemade poppyseed dressing sounds wonderful...wanna spill the family secret?? ;)
    I'm a fan of the WF salad bar for making super quick semi homemade salads- i buy greens separately, then get the tempeh, seeds and nuts, some quinoa and whatever vegan salad or slaw and then at home mix them together and add my own dressing. The WF in my neighborhood has been under construction for over a year, windows say early 2017 now but i'll believe it when i see it.... Enjoy the next four weeks!!

    1. I agree with you that the variety of salad toppings are the best part of the WF salad bar! I hope your new store is ready for your business soon!

      The dressing is close to this, but use shallots instead of white onion and you don't need much more than a quick immersion blender!

  3. It is incredible that you built your own patio. You will have a good 'what i did this summer' when you start back in four weeks. Love the mixed colors of flowers. You must enjou deadheading like me.

    1. Most teachers do much more incredible things, especially in Colorado. A colleague and his two sons backpacked and camped for six weeks. The choir teacher went to Thailand. Another went with her husband to South America for eight weeks. I'm definitely not the winner in the "cool summer activitities" conversation!