Sunday, March 20, 2016

Quiet Weekend

It has been four weekends in a row of mayhem leading up to right now: very little on the agenda, plenty of quiet time, and Remy time! My quiet weekend was reinforced by a snow storm landing overnight Thursday and into Friday. My garden gnome is still in hibernation:
But earlier in the week, I picked up a St. Patrick's Day bouquet for my dining table, and that reminded me of Spring's eminent arrival!
But, back to the cold weather: Cocoa oats
Banana bread
And a little meal prep for the week: homemade sweet and sour sauce over bell peppers, onion, tofu, and jasmine rice.
One more week of school, and then it'll be spring break! I can't wait!!  See you on Wednesday...


  1. I hope the snow ends for you soon! The flowers are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! The snow has returned yet again, and there are 9 inches in my backyard, and it is still snowing! Oh, spring!

  2. How's spring break treating you?! I'd shut the door and just pour myself into those cocoa oats until the world defrosted.

  3. So many Spring Breakers down here now. Cant believe all the kids too. Spring Break is a multibillion dollar industry.

    That is awesome that you bought yourself flowers. I have never done that.