Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Long Week

I am so blissfully happy in this moment, this weekend.  Yoga, massage, time with friends, naps, groceries... And I have tomorrow off (compensation day)!  Last week was another dreadfully long, painful week - about 46 hours of work (and recall that I had only one day off last weekend).  I hardly remember it, but I did take a few pictures:
 I made a spinach, mushroom, tofu ricotta, and Daiya Mozzarella lasagna for my lunches last week. It was good, but watery on the bottom (probably from the frozen spinach not being fully drained or the mushrooms).

Dinner three nights was the same: kale salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing (Happy Herbivore recipe), and sweet potato roasted in maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
Remy did not love this week. Here he is, mad at me, on the window sill. (He has since forgiven me for having to work long hours.  Frankie and his mommy came over for visits when I was gone.)
 Friday afternoon, I embraced my freedom by running a few errands including a trip to Whole Foods, where they carry my new obsession:
 A trip to TJ's included an impulse buy:
Plus my frozen favorites, like the Mandarin Orange Morsels.  Which I served over kale salad, while still warm.
 The gnome's tree stump in the backyard is looking very autumnal.
This afternoon I prepped Tuesday-Friday's lunches.  I used the Goan Coconut Curry Sauce, simmered with tofu and spinach, served over potatoes and peas.
What fun do I have planned for tomorrow, you ask? Yoga class and a small group personal training class, a few more errands, and... absolutely nothing else.  Remy. On my lap. Doing nothing. Yay!

See you soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Six Day Work Week

Not a fan. Humans cannot have one day of a weekend and be expected to function. This upcoming week will feel just as long, as we have two afternoon/evenings of conferences. I'm doing my best to keep this guy happy:
(This is one of his "I'm in need of attention, so I will be naughty" actions!)

In addition to the Teriyaki Tofu, stir fry veggies and millet ramen, I continued the theme for the remaining three days. Another bag of stir fry veggies, TJ's Soyaki sauce, and quinoa.
Otherwise, the usual breakfast:
 My first Pumpkin Smoothie of the season:
 And this afternoon I caught up with a friend, with a Bhakti Chai made with Soy Milk.
I hope to pop in at least once this week, but no promises... Once I make it to next weekend, life improves significantly! Hope you are well!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Month of Busy

Here we are, four days into the busiest month of the school year, second only to May. I snapped pictures Thursday through today, take a look...
Lunch on both Thursday and Friday: Asian Chopped Salad and an apple.
Incredible temperatures at the end of the week, beautiful skies during Remy's walks after work.
Tried this White Rose Kombucha, and found it did not taste like rose, and it also didn't taste like Kombucha.
Sunday morning pancakes.
Three days of lunches prepped. Millet ramen noodles, TJ's stir fry, and Wok Me Up tofu win Teriyaki sauce. 

Other updates: Grandma from Kansas has been in town, and her spirits are much improved. She has said that she is "giving herself permission to live", with more good days than bad days when she thinks of Grandpa.  This afternoon at the art museum, she was so talkative, she engaged with strangers! I won't see her again until Thanksgiving, as I have a six day work week - starting tomorrow (8 hour training on Saturday).  Hoping to squeeze in a few workouts, too. See you soon!