Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Highlights #2

Also known as "non-highlights".  Monday and Tuesday, I blissfully worked on my yard.  Wednesday I went to The Rebellion for lunch, and at 5pm - a "super cell" opened up with two tornadoes and four feet of flash flood waters. Historic, as we are not in a floodplain. I was out in it, without a cell phone, and Remy was at home.  The most terrifying driving experience I've ever had, which says a lot - considering I drive in snowstorms annually.  My front yard is slanted, and above street level so no water came in.  The backyard, however, had two feet of water in it.  The basement crawl space with my hot water heater and furnace was under five feet.  I am on day three with no hot water, and waiting to hear if anything will be salvaged or if I have to replace everything.

Remy is okay, but has been clingy, so I've taken him with me most places.  Thankfully, it hasn't been hot (until today), so my house isn't unbearable without a/c.

My yard as it was:
 Above: Gnome door nailed into place.  Below: in the place of a diseased bush, I put in a trellis and mosaic solar orbs, which glow at night. (I was on my way to find buckets with flowers to hang on said trellis when the 45 minutes of terror began.)
 Tuesday night, I snapped a picture of one glowing.
 You've seen the marigolds, but here they are for reference.
 After a foot had subsided (you can see the water line), but the mulch river halfway into the grass.
I might try to dig out the mulch in the flower bed, but I don't know if it would help.  I waited overnight to shovel the mulch back into place (the bush to the right is big, and nothing but the tarp was visible).  One orb broke, the other two only semi-work.  I enjoyed them for less than 24 hours!  The sidewalk is still stained, but my new chairs did just fine.  Here is Remy, modeling in one with his new haircut.
This, too, shall pass.  Apartments in my neighborhood had their garden levels completely flood - a total loss, and they are still cleaning up.  I've moved on to acceptance of the situation, as I am 100% not in control.  Per my father's advice, I am trying to do "normal" activities, instead of feeling frozen.  I'm also reminding myself that for most parts of the world, hot water is a luxury.  A/C is a luxury in Colorado, and I grew up without it.  

For your interest: click here for photos.  It's pretty shocking for a land locked, semi-arid state.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Rebellion

I'm embarrassed to say that I first heard about The Rebellion four years ago. I think I can attribute my lack of patronage to its location being in a part of town I never frequent and I don't eat pizza too often.  Nonetheless, yesterday afternoon I finally made it happen.

 Not much to it; a few table outside and none inside.
I placed my order, a small Veggie Vegan calzone and waited about 15 minutes for its procurement. 

 It was still warm 30 minutes later when I arrived home.  

Vegan Parm and Pizza sauce as garnish. Knife and fork for scale.

It was 50/50 bread and filling.

It was good, but I am no pizza connoisseur.  I would go back.

See you this weekend for the highlights of this week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Green Tuesday

I've been busy shopping for backyard decor today, but I'll share the photos this weekend in my weekly wrap up! As for the meals: Vega Vanilla (frozen banana, almond milk) smoothie, avocado roll, watermelon, Quinoa Burger with BBQ sauce and roasted broccoli.


See you on Thursday!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Highlights #1

I have spent the week since returning from VA spending time with friends, going to Yoga and Spin classes, working on the yard, and generally relaxing.  First up on the highlight reel - the garden.
Orange was the only robust Marigold color I found, so monochromatic it is for this year!  I have a 6 foot tree stump covered in vines on my property (it is adjacent to a neighbor's property, so there is no getting rid of it!).  After years of living here, I decided to adorn it.  There is bare spot which seemed perfect for a gnome door.  I searched high and low for a pre-made version, but had my heart set on a red door.  I found an unpainted door at a craft store, and painted it myself. Here's my "practice" photo for before:
After: all painted, still waiting to drill it into the tree.
I've got a few more garden projects on the menu, as well as plenty in front of the house.  Just trying to pace myself (ahem, paycheck).

I also snapped pictures of a few meals - they were all repeated, so you didn't miss much else!

 Stir fry veggies (steamed), with millet ramen, and TJ's Soyaki.
 TJ's Orange Chickenless Morsels over sprouts, carrots, green onion, and chopped spinach.
 Asian Chopped Salad with Mandarin Oranges
 Sarah's Cherry Chocolate Smoothie
 Berries and grapes
I'll continue these highlights on the weekends, with regular Tuesday/Thursday posts, for the next 8 weeks.  I'm so happy summer break is here!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

VA Trip Part 2/2

Saturday, we ventured down to Occoquan.  I did the nature exploring solo, but Grandma did join me for the shops.

We dined at another favorite spot Grandma's, J. Gilbert's.  This is not veg-friendly (I remembered this from my visit four years ago!), so I had to special order a salad without cheese, and a side of roasted potatoes without butter.

Sunday's highlight - a trip to Clare & Don's Beach Shack, as recommended by Shen.

I ordered the Spicy Blackened Tofu Sandwich, with no side (I was tired of potatoes by this point).  So they gave me a few extra pickles. Ha! This sandwich was so good!! I could have thanked Shen in person, if I'd been there an hour earlier. ;)

Monday was only a half day, so I snapped a picture of my breakfast and walked her acre.  So lush and green!

Coming straight off of the hardest school year (Grandpa's illness & death, my illness, extra demands on my time from work), into a trip where I felt (self-imposed) like I needed to spend time with her rather than see to my own desires (which led to resentment), I came home running. Practically crawling the walls of the plane, just to have to time to take care of myself.  I couldn't wait to spend time with Remy, go to yoga, work on my garden, see friends I had neglected for months, sit in the quiet.  I wish I could have visited her later in the summer, so that I might have been more at peace, and present. 

I don't know how much longer she'll keep the property (developers and neighbors have been courting her for years), and when she does sell - she'll move to Texas.  Therefore, it was good timing, walking the same floors I've known since childhood, and looking at the trees that could tell stories. I'm glad I went.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VA Trip Part 1/2

It's time for a trip recap! Covered in this post: Thursday and Friday.  I captured the highlights (I appreciate architecture, nature, and history - you've been warned!), as well as a couple of meals.  First, I snapped this mid-flight for those geographically challenged:

 Upon my evening arrival, Grandma had gone to the grocery store for fruits, veggies, and almond milk. How sweet! (Bagels, potatoes, green beans, berries, corn...)
In general, I ate similar plates for lunch/dinner. Strawberry spinach salad with homemade poppyseed dressing, baked potato with bbq sauce or corn on the cob with green beans.
 Wesley the Westie.

Friday's breakfast:
 On Shen's recommendation, we took a road trip to Middleburg (and on Grandma's rec - also to Upperville).

Once parked, I meandered through the shops in Middleburg while Grandma stayed in the car.  Similarly, in Upperville, I hopped out to check out the 19th century church in Upperville.

Friday afternoon ended with a trip to Great Falls Park

See you on Thursday with the other two and a half days!