Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keep On

I tried the Protein & Greens Vega with frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, and water this morning. It was good, even though my brain says "why are you drinking smoothies for breakfast in January? Where's the oatmeal?".
 After three servings this week, I'll be taking a break from the braised cabbage and seitan over brown rice. Ha!
 Rookie mistake: I came home after work, and had a few too many crackers with edamame hummus before spin class. It was a great workout, but a little fuller than I like to be with that much activity!

Dinner: I made a small salad with the pre-mixed kale salad, used the pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries it came with but added fresh blueberries and made a creamy poppyseed dressing (without the shallots, as I don't have any!).
Bring on the weekend - I've been ready since Monday! ;)  See you soon...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In the Middle

I tried the new Vega Protein & Greens  this morning in the form of a smoothie blended with a frozen banana and plain almond milk.
 Good enough, I suppose. It tasted like regular Vega, which is....a good thing? I'm not sure what I was expecting! I'll try it in various forms and let you know if it blows me away. ;)

I made Appetite for Reduction's Braised Cabbage with Seitan, and am eating it for lunch on most days this week.  Served with brown rice.
 Pre-faculty meeting snack...
 and open windows in my classroom due to:
 (Don't be too upset - look at our weekend!) I spoke with my colleagues about our late April - early May type weather and we agreed it was a cruel joke.  We do not have six weeks of school until summer, like the temperature would indicate. We have nine weeks until spring break. *cries*

45 minute spin class, and it went really well - I felt strong and only coughed a little.  I guess taking four days off helped, and consulting with my good friend who is an RN helped too - she said to take a puff or two after working out to help with the wheezing I'm still experiencing.
 Lastly, slightly less than exciting tacos for dinner as I am out of salsa and the crumbles are a little dry at this point. Not at all disappointing however - the super avocado! I finally finished it, after over two weeks of carving off slices.  Let's be real: I had to shave off a little more brown this time, but still a perfect avocado.
It's a good thing I "drank" my greens, because there sure wasn't any dark green in my day.  Time to pump that good stuff back into the rotation! See you on Thursday!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


It was a quick weekend, and I didn't get nearly enough done! I thought I'd share a small grocery haul, as it has been a while.
 Seitan Strips, brown rice cakes, mushrooms, cabbage, kale, pre-mixed kale and brussel sprout salad (I'll make my own dressing), bananas, blueberries, oranges, apples.

I have only a few servings left of my Vega Nutritional Shake, and saw their newest edition was on sale:
Full review once I try it!

Nothing to do with groceries, but a rare moment where I was able to capture the enduring cuteness of this guy on the couch: (you need to see this full size)

You're welcome.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Emotional, Mental, Physical

As mentioned earlier this week, our school had arranged to take students to see "Selma".  I did a little background on the events in Selma, but certainly did not have the depth of understanding of all the people involved. What a phenomenal experience. I cried at least three times, uncaring if any student saw me. It was so powerful, and I urge you to see it! I'm looking forward to the rich discussions we'll have in class tomorrow, even though words fail me when I think about the sacrifices and trials of this time in our history.

Prior to starting the day, my brain woke me up 30 minutes before my alarm. I figure it was payback for sleeping in on Tuesday.  I had time for a hearty toast with pb and banana:
 Packed my lunch of roasted brussel sprouts, apple, onion, dried cranberries and walnuts. (I made it last night for dinner. Another "meh" creation.)

Some edamame hummus and crackers in the afternoon.

A really, really hard 45 minute spin class. I started coughing in class, and continue to cough more than I have in over a week.  Apparently pneumonia did a real number on my lungs, and they are not liking this four workouts in a week situation. I'm going to dial it back next week to two or three (my coughing is more wheezy than bronchial spasm this time).  Back to letting my body be in charge, instead of my agenda.

Also, I lost my wallet on the way out of class, and noticed it when I got home.  Luckily, I was able to get a hold of someone and drive back - to find it wholly intact on the floor. Whew! When I returned home a second time, I was hungry and wanted something quick: angel hair pasta with soy crumbles and marinara to the rescue.

What a day! See you this weekend...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's a Tuesday

Apparently, on Tuesdays I can't get up on time. Another school breakfast whilst prepping my room for first period:
 The remaining Asian Chopped Salad packed at home, eaten for lunch:
 Yesterday, I ran into TJ's for three items but left with one more: edamame hummus! It has been out since last May (when they had to change distributors due to a listeria outbreak).
 I made sure to try it several times, just for the posterity of this post:
 Yum! It has a distinct flavor, so take it to a gathering and try it before committing to a tub in your fridge.

45 minute spin class, and I think she wanted to kill us. It was in upper the 40s today, so not terribly cold outside.  She had the heat cranked when class started, but she never turned it down! It made class so much harder, and I know I worked less because I couldn't regulate my temperature.  Upon leaving, I glanced at the thermostat: 80 degrees. Gross.

Not gross: tacos.
Corn tortilla, Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, Bibb lettuce (one of my items from TJ's), salsa (also TJ's), SmartLife Mexican Style Crumbles, and avocado.

See you on Thursday!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Treats

I finally made it back to Native Foods, and was in the mood for a salad.  I settled on the Mexican Cobb Salad, and the cashier assured me it was the best one on the menu.  It was also huge.
 Still eating it...
 I started reading the book club selection...
 I've been working on this same avocado all week - and it still yields a perfect slice each time!
 I picked up a few groceries at Whole Foods, and treated myself to a Bhakti Chai...
I went to another spin class this morning - this time taught by my friend, and she made us work! I plan on making it to her Spin & HIIT class tomorrow.  Enjoy the MLK holiday! We are taking the high school students to see Selma this week, so the honoring of this great man will continue!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Avocado Toast

Asian Chopped Salad with mandarin oranges

Steamed Kale with Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy, wild rice.

Celebrations: 1. Tonight was my third spin, and no coughing during class! There is still some coughing afterwards, but it's more of a bronchial spasm from exercise than anything else. 2. Remy did not attack any toilet paper while I was at said spin class. 3. Tomorrow is Friday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Full Tilt

I wanted normal, right? It's January, so it's snowing. Second week of school, therefore, massively busy.  My to-do list for tomorrow is equally as challenging as today's, but I'm not ill or sad - so there will be no complaining! ;)

In a rush (I might have hit snooze twice...) this morning, so breakfast in a mug at school it was - the flavor du jour: cinnamon apple.  Accompanied by Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson...
 I meal prepped a "winter roast": potato, carrots, brussel sprouts, and Gardein Beefless Tips tossed in green onion dip mix (I used this seasoning packet) and olive oil.  In the oven, and into tupperware:
 An apple and peanut butter upon arrival home.

45 minute spin class, followed by no desire to cook for myself.  I settled on Chipotle, and teetered between sofritas or veggie bowl. The result:
Guacamole (veggie bowl). Wins every time.  

This is how Remy feels about me returning to evening workouts (read: leaving him alone again)
 Message received. Little stinker.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Normal Weekend

I haven't had a "normal weekend" since mid-November. No sadness, no coughing, no crisis. I'm in such a state of gratitude, it's nearly emotional! I only made a few plans and appointments, that I might continue to move forward in my recovery and adjust to a working schedule.

I finished off the delicious Couscous Kale Salad:
 Remy went to the groomer's:
(He also came along with me this afternoon to catch up with a friend.  She has a big house, and two dogs.  He was in heaven!)

Grocery shopping and meal planning.  My parents were in the area, stopped by to say "hi", and mentioned they were heading Trader Joe's.  I tagged along, and picked up necessary items:
 This morning, I put on workout clothes for the first time in 23 days.  My friend who usually teaches it ended up needing to take care of something, and her sub was a guy I didn't know.  I made sure to tell him that I didn't know what I could do due to my recent illness.  My lungs burned within the first two minutes, but I kept on plugging away and eventually my lungs opened up.  I've signed up for a class on Tuesday, but my legs are already sore from today!  It feels good to be back in the saddle!

For lunch, I decided to try out a new purchase...
 I added red bell pepper and onion to the grounds, and put them into tacos with shredded lettuce and Better Than Sour Cream.
One thing I didn't do was sleep in - and I just might take a nap before Downton Abbey tonight (Shen are you watching?!).  

I heart normal weekends. And being (almost) back to my normal.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

On the Edge

I am feeling thisclose to being back to myself.  I met with my friend/coach/trainer (the gal who used to own the studio that closed) this afternoon, talking about goals and life in general.  I've signed up for her Sunday morning class, and am hoping that my lungs are ready. I know I can't pick up right where I left off, but I have to start somewhere!  I have settled into my second semester schedule and it's lighter than the fall - which I so appreciate.  Speaking of school, I started my AP Lit class on The Scarlet Letter this week.  In two weeks, I start "The Crucible" with my American Lit class.  Puritans and New England, all the time.
 Vega Vanilla (I added water) and an orange for breakfast at work.

Couscous Kale Salad packed up for lunch:
 Finished off the last two macaroons:
 After meeting with my friend, it was getting on towards the dinner hour.  I checked out the Whole Foods hot bar, and picked up Tofu Curry with Peas and brown rice.
It's almost the weekend - woo hoo! I hope you've had a great week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keep Going

The return to work has been intense, and the usual chaos that wouldn't throw me under normal circumstances is definitely hitting me harder this time! But I know this is how I build stamina, and with earlier bedtimes, hopefully I will be back on my feet soon.  Something that I haven't mentioned here, but one of the side effects of my illness is laryngitis.  Happily, all of my 11th graders are letting me have a screechy/husky voice in peace. Ha ha!

Avocado toast for breakfast:
 Couscous Kale Salad and an orange for lunch.
Some almonds and a Hail Merry macaroon in the afternoon.

Pasta and marinara with TJ's meatless meatballs for dinner:

I'm brushing my teeth and heading to bed... see you on Thursday!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello, New Year!

I am so excited that a new year is upon us; a much needed fresh start, filled with hope and possibility.  I've tried to soak up these few days of near wellness before returning to work tomorrow.  Here are a few images from recent eats and activities:
 Homemade waffle with pb and maple syrup, black tea.

My cousin (who I didn't get to see over Christmas, due to my illness) sent me this beautiful bouquet, wishing me well.  She lives in Boston, although she grew up here, thus we've always been close. It was hard not to see her and her husband, and not get to meet her two month old daughter!
 Since Christmas, the snow continues to pile up.  My neighbor (Frankie's human) shoveled my front walk numerous times.  I felt up to shoveling the back yard eventually - here's the fun I had!
 Speaking of Frankie and his human, they both came over for a cup of tea and chat.  He and Remy played, then snuggled. (Remy is in need of a haircut, but we're in the single digits frequently, so I want to wait till it's a little warmer to shave him down!)
My brother and I had lunch at The Three Lions.  I enjoyed the Rice and Bean Salad with hibiscus tea.
I googled recipes with kale and couscous, and this beautiful salad recipe looked good.
 Kale, couscous, black beans, red bell pepper, and mango.  When I eat a portion, I will garnish with roasted sunflower seeds and a lemony vinaigrette (my house smells wonderfully citrusy at the moment!).
I hope the weekend has treated you well! I am still recovering, but the cough has moved up to the top of my chest, which I think is good news.  My stamina is slowly returning, but I am a little nervous about teaching - it takes a lot of energy! Hopefully I won't need a nap during lunch. Ha!

See you on Tuesday...