Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Month of Busy

Here we are, four days into the busiest month of the school year, second only to May. I snapped pictures Thursday through today, take a look...
Lunch on both Thursday and Friday: Asian Chopped Salad and an apple.
Incredible temperatures at the end of the week, beautiful skies during Remy's walks after work.
Tried this White Rose Kombucha, and found it did not taste like rose, and it also didn't taste like Kombucha.
Sunday morning pancakes.
Three days of lunches prepped. Millet ramen noodles, TJ's stir fry, and Wok Me Up tofu win Teriyaki sauce. 

Other updates: Grandma from Kansas has been in town, and her spirits are much improved. She has said that she is "giving herself permission to live", with more good days than bad days when she thinks of Grandpa.  This afternoon at the art museum, she was so talkative, she engaged with strangers! I won't see her again until Thanksgiving, as I have a six day work week - starting tomorrow (8 hour training on Saturday).  Hoping to squeeze in a few workouts, too. See you soon!


  1. that's promising news about your gran, may there be many good days ahead. I hope the noodles keep you going through that long old week. Six days is not fun.

  2. Oh those Pancakes! That is such heartening news about Grandma.

  3. I am so happy to hear these wonderful words coming from your Grandma. That is really beautiful and I'm so happy that she is experiencing more good days. I am sure the time with her family has helped and I know that the holiday season will likely be difficult for many reasons but I know you will all help each other through it.

    Really lovely meals to fuel you through a grueling week and the picture of the sky is absolutely stunning! That walk must have felt really good. The weather has been making me feel really happy lately :)

  4. Hi Everyone! Apologies for the delay! I'll see Grandma again next month, and thank you for your continued well wishes.

    I can't believe I survived the week, and only one more super difficult week this week (the following two will be arduous, but this one is definitely longer - time wise.

  5. I love chop salads, but have zero patience. Good for you! Glad to hear your grandma is doing so well. Sometimes you can have the best conversations with strangers :-)