Sunday, November 1, 2015

Back to Normal

I am already grateful in this month of gratitude. October was so busy with work.  I hardly snapped pictures the last two weeks, but here are a few:
Whole Foods Hot Bar oatmeal, maple praline and fruit compote.

Frankie came to visit, and I snapped him snuggled on my legs.

Happy Halloween to myself.
A professional chalk artist visited my classroom, and made me this picture! (It's on a paper sized piece of chalkboard, which I will forever keep on my desk!)

Speaking of Remy....
The month was tough on him, too.  He's much happier to have me around (my neighbor -a.k.a. Frankie's mommy, visited him on my longest days, but he was still unhappy with the lack of attention from an exhausted me).

I'm in the middle of a three day weekend (I'm off tomorrow!), and fully plan to post again this week!  


  1. That chalk picture is amazing! What a cool thing to have. Ditto the cocomels, they're a definite favourite here!

  2. The oatmeal looks delicious! I love the picture of Remy! I still haven't been able to find the chocolate covered cocomels, but I need to.

  3. I was all ready to gush over the chocolate covered cocomels (swoon) and then I saw the chalk Remy. It's amazing!!!

  4. Yay!!! I love everything about this post!! I'm so glad that everything is back to normal. It was a trying few weeks but you made it!

    That oatmeal looks so incredible! I was just thinking that oatmeal season is upon us and it'll start making more of an appearance on my breakfast table. I love seeing Remy and Frankie's sweet faces!! So much love right there. The chalk drawing is incredible!! I can't even describe how much I love it and that is such a perfect and thoughtful little gift!

    Enjoy your three day weekend!!

  5. It is a toss up for me which is more delectable: the Cocomels or Frankie. So glad Remy has his mommy back to spoil him.