Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recent Items

I've been so busy, trying to keep up has been challenging! Here a few things from recent days...
 Officially the last peaches of summer (the grower told me this past weekend was it!), and some of their jam.

Native Foods Deli Reuben
 Sarah - I looked it up, and the Mocha and Coconut Almond are exclusive to Whole Foods! I'll try them when on sale...
 Shen - wouldya look at that?! Autumn Wheat and Almond Milk.  Your VA breakfast regular.
I'm starting to fall into the rabbit hole, but if I'm near the surface - I'll post on Thursday.  Hope all is well!


  1. I was wondering about Native Foods (although a Reuben is grilled dagnabbit!).

    Good old Kashi. I made sure to eat all mine up before leaving Virginia (still bugged I left that bottle of Chai behind)...

    1. This Reuben was disappointing, I don't know what or why they changing their presentation, but it is concerning!

      The cereal is so good! I will definitely have it in my regular rotation! Oh, Chai... You're going to have to visit the mainland some time - get one then!

  2. Those peaches look so beautiful! Definitely a nice last crop. I'm sure you will enjoy them. The jam will be lovely too. I have to dig into my apricot jam from the farmer's market!

    I'm glad you found the Vega!!! I don't think we have the mocha here. I should check again, that would be SO YUMMY in banana ice cream. I don't think our individual packets are that expensive!

    I hope your week is going ok and you are getting a change to relax and have a little time for yourself!

    1. I have two peaches left, I'm hoping I didn't wait too long - they might get chopped and frozen for smoothies...

      The price is ridiculous, right? I'll watch and wait for it to be on sale, or if I'm feeling rich - I'll just try it. Ha ha! Mocha would be good with banana ice cream!

      The week was so chaotic. I have a mellow weekend, so that's encouraging!

  3. I can't believe it's time to say goodbye to all the stone fruit already - I don't think I've eaten enough by a long chalk. That little punnet bag is rather cute! The reuben also looks pretty appealing right now!

    1. I know! But I'm excited for pears and crisp apples... Your recipes for MOFO have been amazing, by the way!