Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leaps & Bounds

It has been a crazy week, but I've managed to achieve my goals of breakfast daily and three workouts.  Next week, I'll move to four workouts and probably hold there.  I haven't peeked at MoFo - hopefully this weekend.
 Vega Vanilla & Protein with blueberries and water.

The last of the curried vegetables (so over it!)
Wok Me Up Spicy Orange Tofu, TJ's stir fry veggies, and mai fun noodles.


  1. Yay, congrats for maintaining your routine! I'm sure it must feel good to finally have a routine again and to get back into the workouts. I'm still trying to work home yoga practice into my routine. I'm thinking maybe before bed to help me sleep.

    The food looks yummy! The color of the smoothie is so pretty :) I found Almond Coconut Vega powder and I can't wait to try it! The stir fry looks pretty great too.

    It's almost the weekend for you! Yay! Three day weekend for Labor Day I hope?

    1. I hope to continue the routine this week - luckily, it's nice and short. :) Do it! Yes to yoga!

      What?! Almond Coconut?!!! I must find this!!

      It was a three day weekend, I love those!!

  2. The Stir-Fry is so colorful. As great as the Orange Morsels from Trader Joes?

    Enjoy the long weekend. Take lots of pics!

    1. Orange Morsels are ALWAYS > tofu or anything else orange flavored.

      Hmm... I only took a few. Ha ha!

    2. Oh well, you did good with the few you took.