Sunday, September 20, 2015

In a Flash

This weekend has absolutely flown by - way too fast! Yesterday I played catch up around the house and visited with friends. I put in seven hours of lessons and essay feedback today.  So, where was my weekend? A few photos for you...
My cousin and her 10 month old daughter met up with me yesterday for some chit chat and giggles.  She brought home some table arrangements from an event she worked, and gave me one. Gorgeous!
Autumn has officially arrived in the breakfast aisle.  The Puffins are strictly for snacking, and the oatmeal will go to my work cabinet for "missing breakfast" mornings.
The next two titles I'm teaching, and the hours of grading in that folder.  Rigorous lessons on the computer.
I found a recipe for Spanish rice, and decided to make it into a meal by adding soy crumbles and kale. Tune in this week to see the results!

Thanks to my extra workday this weekend, I hope to stay above water this week.  October is ridiculous, so I need to try and enjoy the rest of September...


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! Pumpkin puffins look pretty amazing! I can't wait to hear about the Spanish rice!

  2. I LOVE puffins!!! I literally have an "emergency" box in the pantry :) They really are the perfect snacky cereal-i always buy original but i have to find the pumpkin ones to try!
    Gorgeous flowers, really sweet your friend gave you them.
    Hope the rice dish came out well!

  3. Ooooh I'm looking forward to seeing the spanish rice! I bet it turned out amazing! I'm with Unknown, Puffins are so amazing. I didn't know they have pumpkin! Although I guess I should have guessed because there is pumpkin everything now! I'll have to see if I can find a box, yum! Pumpkin everything is the best.

    What a beautiful arrangement! How nice that she was able to get one for you :) I hope that you enjoyed your visit and it was a nice break after a busy work week (and weekend apparently!).

    I hope things calm down for you this week!

  4. I've heard so much about these pumpkin puffs. I have yet to try them! I hopped over from Vegan Power/Vegan Peace's site...nice spot you have here!

  5. Nice post. Everything is so clean at your house. I never got into Puffins. One less food to like is always welcome. The Mr. paid $5 for a box of Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares this week. Couldnt stop him.

  6. Beowulf and the Crucible - you've got some interesting books to teach. Do you get to pick which books you teach? Puffins are a bit of a mystery to me, but pumpkin spice oatmeal sounds pretty good from where I'm sitting.

  7. I was all ready to resist pumpkin as passe this fall, but those puffins have caught my attention!