Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I haven't stopped all day, and I'm heading to bed in just a moment... But first, I'm two for two on having time for breakfast, and I've got one of three workouts in. Yoga tomorrow will be number two. Here's the day:
Banana, strawberry, cocoa powder, and almond milk smoothie.
Quinoa with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and shallots over kale.
Toasted spelt bread with avocado and tomato.  I was going to make a salad, but ended up making a second one of these, and called it dinner.  A handful of roasted cashews for dessert.

I hope to catch up on the rest of life tomorrow...See you Thursday.


  1. Mmm! Your tomatoes look amazing!!!

  2. Well done on getting a workout in! All too often life seems to swallow up the time I planned to do a bit of exercise. I don't think I've tried spelt bread - does it taste different to wheat stuff?

    1. I've successfully completed the three workouts I planned this week! Spelt is much more dense, so I fill up with less. I like the taste, and most are mixed with wheat flour.

  3. Your avocado toast is totally drool worthy. It looks so perfect and that tomato is beautiful. You can't get any better than that for a summer meal. Lunch looks really lovely too. I bet everyone gets jealous of it because it looks really great.

    Awesome job with the workouts!

  4. That is a helluva Tomato slice.

    Not only improvement, but lots of inspiration around here.