Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey Tuesday

Nothing better than a four day work week, am I right?! (Outside of summer break, naturally, which is always superior!)  It started with a strawberry, banana, Vega Vanilla and water smoothie:
Followed by Jaali Bean Creamy Coconut Lentils and Rice with steamed kale for lunch:
Delicious end of summer peach:
Baked beans and corn on cob for dinner:
See you on Thursday!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your long weekend! Short work weeks are the best :) I have to wait for the holiday season for mine but there's no better time to have a short work week!

    Your summer meals have been so beautiful. The smoothie looks so lovely. I need to get back into my smoothie routine. The worst part is always cleaning the blender! Lunch looks really great! I'm so curious about the lentils. That sounds so delicious. I need to get more watermelon in me before the summer is over!!

    I hope the short week goes quickly for you!!

    1. I hope you didn't have to labor on Labor Day?! The short week has felt long. Ha ha!

      I've been doing smoothies for a while now, I might be ready for something new! I agree, I rinse it out to avoid serious scrubbing later!

  2. Havent seen as much melon from you this summer as in years past, Dont know how you do the Stevia thing, but more power to ya! One more day to go.

    1. I was deterred by substandard watermelon, but I am head first into peaches this year! They've been wonderful!

      Stevia doesn't bother me luckily, as I ingest it once daily via smoothie! Hallelujah, one more day. ;)