Sunday, August 16, 2015

Transition Weekend

Friday's return to work was like a good shove into the Kiddie Pool.  Tomorrow, I'll cautiously wade in a large lake.  Probably a lake with murky water, unknown depths, mostly friendly boats but one or two sketchy urchins stalking from a distance.

Arming myself with a few good hours of friends, a glass of Prosecco, and one tough workout class - onward I go!  Speaking of friends, there is a new one on the block.  She's a couple of doors down, but has an old dog named Boss who "tolerates" Remy's requests to play but does not engage.  Remy keeps trying to convince him.
 Back to the Farmer's Market for a repeat purchase of last week's items: beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and peaches.
 In preparation for actually meal planning the week, I picked up a new cereal (which I've sampled in the form of a handful - very good!).
This guy is not excited about my return to work...

Well, here it goes... Year 11.


  1. So sweet of Boss to be patient with Remy (who is looking adorable as usual, BTW).

    Still no Corn or Peaches here.

    Wonder what happened to Sarah? I hope she is okay.

    1. I know! Two doggies in one post is good stuff!

      I emailed with her last week, and I think this was her week to dog sit and house sit for her brother - but I miss her, too! And Maud!

    2. There ought to be a law that bloggers cant just fall off the face of the earth. They have to as least say what is going on before disappearing.

  2. Aww you guys are sweet!! I've been at my brother's house but I've also been sick the past few days. Brutal stuff but I think I'm on the mend. Seeing Remy's sweet face makes me feel better. It's so funny because I visited a new farmer's market last week and got almost the same exact haul! I got beautiful corn, tomatoes, peaches and also a loaf of sourdough bread, cashew coconut butter and apricot jam. Yum.

    Good luck with another school year! I know you will get back into the swing of things and hopefully it will be an easy transition for you.

  3. Poor Remy. 89 def gives me the evil eye when I leave.