Sunday, August 30, 2015

Recovery Weekend

I realized that I haven't shown you any pictures of my backyard after the flood two months ago.  It's fair to say that the marigolds rebounded triple fold.
 Even with the week kicking my butt, I ended up needing to write lessons on Saturday.  I worked for four hours! Gross. (New computer from the school district - yay! Bless Me, Ultima was the summer reading for American Lit.  AP Lit & Comp read The Odyssey.)
 Frankie from next door came to visit.  Remy appreciated the company while I worked.
 Spelt is my favorite kind of bread, and here it is toasted with avocado, tomato, and Old Bay seasoning.
 I finished off one of the three dishes I made last week, but have exactly enough of the curried veggies as well as quinoa and kale to get me through this week's lunches.
 My first homemade loaded sweet potato.  Oven baked both the sweet potato and the marinated tempeh (just long enough to heat it), Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, and green onion.  I'm not sure I love it, because the sweet potato is....sweet.  But, I needed to use it and I'm glad I tried something new.
I took naps both yesterday and today, caught up on household chores, and only left the house once today.  I wish I could have had more energy, but the week really took it out of me.  I'm adding workouts back into this week, and I hope to have enough time in the mornings for breakfast.  See you soon...


  1. Eww 4 hours of work on a Saturday? Gross indeed! At least you got to hang out with Frankie a little bit and Remy had some company. Looks like you did some great prep for the week and got to enjoy some nice meals too. That avocado toast is looking pretty amazing. I just got a giant sweet potato and was trying to decide how to use it. I'm kind of thinking I may have it for breakfast with maple syrup. Yummy.

    The marigolds look gorgeous!!

    I hope that this week gets better for you!

    1. The heavy work last weekend really put me ahead for the week, and I am so grateful!

      Definitely passing on trying to make a sweet potato savory. I've seen it at breakfast, prepared the way you mention!

      It has been non-stop, but I am adjusting. :)

  2. I mainly like marigolds because they love deadheading and I love deadheading.

    Dont let that laptop overheat on the desk. Might was to prop it up an inch to let air circulate underneath.

    I love Frankie!!!!!

    Sour Cream on a Sweet Potato is a new one on me. I remember Sarah putting Ketchup on her's. I think I woukd try the Sour Cream before the Ketchup. And I like Black Salt on my Avocado Toast (Old Bay is a new one on me. I associate that with French Fries).

    1. The marigolds have taken over! I did let the laptop get some air, don't you worry. ;)

      Sweet potato fries with ketchup are always good! I wouldn't do the baked potato version like this again, think I'll stick to sweet preparations!

  3. What a great idea to do meal prep on weekends! Once it's cold enough that soups and stews sound good those are perfect for making ahead since they freeze so well.
    Hope that was the only saturday with work stuff you'll have! Ugh. I remember having to read The Odyssey and then dissect the minutiae of it.
    Hope this week is feeling more normal and you can squeeze in breakfast- the most important meal of the day!! ;)

    1. Hi Ttrockwood! The only problem with mass preparation on the weekends is food boredom. A bad place to live!

      I did well - met my goals with breakfast and workouts. Pretty impressed with myself. Ha ha!