Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Highlights #3

It was a tough week, thus the lack of posts.  It was hot outside and inside the house, as I still don't have a working furnace/a.c. (the former talks to the latter - so without the furnace fan, I have no central air).  Wednesday night, I enjoyed my first warm shower in seven days, so at least there is a new hot water heater!  My furnace was supposed to be finished with installation on Friday, but... it's not.

After feeling like a prisoner in my own hot house (read: waiting for repairman, bids, "sometime between 8-12, or 2-5pm" yuckiness), I found my life again on Thursday and resumed making plans, and attending workout classes.

Below are the few highlights of the week, starting with a trip to a garden store.  I've been told I need gnomes for my gnome door, and this first one aptly captured my cantankerous mood:
 Gentler versions:
 None were purchased.  Hot house = no sleeping = cranky all of the time.  I found respite at my parents house on three hot afternoons, just to take a break.  Here is Terra, using her water bowl as a chin rest. (Remy also appreciated the break from my mid 80s degree house.)
 Whilst at my house, I have only cold food.  Lots of smoothies.
 Per Shen/ViVi/STVegan, I decided to have a Beast Burger for my holiday BBQ meal.  I think it was overcooked, as it was hard and tasteless.  I'll see what the next preparation holds.
 A couple of times this past week, I went to Whole Foods for a/c and cold meals.
No 4th of July plans for me (had a cookout with the family earlier in the week), as I was supposed to be in Kansas for harvest.  However, I couldn't leave as my new furnace was going to be installed on Friday.  Which it wasn't.  Cue crankiness.

I'll see you on Tuesday, with unicorns and rainbows.  And hopefully, air conditioning.


  1. Hard to believe in a couple months you will be freezing and shovelling out your car again. Was all this furnace stuff caused by the tornado? how did it cause that? If you dont overcook the Beast Burgers, they are tasty (but overpriced). Glad to see Terra. Hope she and her little nephew werent scared by any fireworks yesterday.

    1. The four and a half feet of flash flood water did it. I don't live in a floodplain, so this was exceptional!

      I left the box at my parents house, but I'll be certain during our next cookout to put it on for less time! Remy does alright when in the house, so I don't take him out during fireworks!

  2. Yeesh! What a bummer summer, I'm sorry. Hope everything else gets fixed soon. Do you have fans you could use?
    The juice looks good - what kind is that? Carrot?
    I had a burger for July 4 too, but it wasn't great either. It tasted just like the Boca patties of the late 90s that I'm surprised I trooped through.

    1. I feel like :summer break" is making a comeback this week! I have two ceiling fans, and a fan I brought from school but my house still sat between 83-88 degrees. Today, it is overcast and cool - only in the upper 60s outside, so that is a huge help!!

      Carrot Apple Ginger juice. Probably my favorite!!

  3. Oh goodness; I feel your pain. Renovated a whole house a few years ago and just about every single thing went like this. Not sure why some people think their time is worth more than yours? Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon, but I really wish you'd gotten the "go away" gnome; he really made me laugh. I have a hot pink gnome at my house who's only silently wishing "go away."

    I tried the Sweet Earth Santa Fe burger this holiday. Meh. Maybe we're all just over veggie burgers?

    1. I should re-think getting that gnome, I agree! It's definitely a laugh!

      I wasn't a huge burger fan years ago in my omni days, so I guess that just stayed with me!

  4. Ugh I'm so sorry that you have to be dealing with all of this yuckiness! I've only ever lost power for an extended period of time in the winter but I feel like losing it in the summer would be far worse. I've lost it for a night in the summer and was miserable. I'm glad you are at least finding refuge at your parents place when you can and my fingers are crossed that your AC is fixed!

    The gnome is too funny!! I love it. I guess I'm just cranky all the time because that's how I feel all the time ;) Love it.

    The cool and refreshing eats look perfect! The cook of the beast burgers have nothing to do with the flavor, they just aren't good ;) And waaaaaaaaaay overpriced. Very unfortunate.

  5. We know that feeling, and it is a maddening one. Seriously, why do these kinds of situations keep on popping up? I hope that you have a working HVAC unit by now, so that the air and temperature can be properly circulated around the house. And more smoothies, please. Cheers!

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Services Philadelphia