Sunday, June 7, 2015

Well Weathered

Severe weather in June is not atypical for my state, but the continued and heightened severity has made it obnoxious. Tornadoes happen on the eastern plains (towards Kansas), but only on occasion in the metro area. The last day without major hail, thunder, lightning, and flash floods was last Sunday.

Thursday - it was relatively bad. Friday - it was worse.  Trees went down, sinkholes in the street, and my neighborhood lost power from 9pm-3am.  Yesterday and today has been off and on, with all of the same kinds of weather!  I had help from my parents and brother (in between storms) taking out two big, dead bushes in the yard.  I set out a spread for them:

 Strawberries, accidentally vegan zucchini bread (made by my neighbor!), roasted & salted peanuts, popcorn.

As I can't trust the weather right now, I added to my indoor plant collection:
Only the plant in the middle survived from the trio purchased in the fall.  The ivy on the left, and the marble queen on the right are new.

With the 6 hour refrigeration deficit, my remaining one box of mixed greens and kale turned brown, and the strawberries were sour this morning (come to think of it - I haven't even opened my freezer, hope it all survived!).  Thus, I picked up only a small handful of items for the first of this week (you'll see them on Tuesday!), but today I imbibed this beverage al fresco before the next round of storms:
(It was good. I tried it because it was on sale 2/$5)

And my first watermelon cup of the season.
(Not yet sweet, but okay.)

Two days of work (meetings to vertically align curriculum, set short assessment cycles for the fall, blah, blah), and then real, actual, freedom.


  1. Wow, I hope everyone in the hood is okay! Always a bummer to lose food though.
    Nice spread you put out for the family, it makes me want to bake zucchini bread...
    I bought strawberries too early - they weren't really sweet either, but it's hard to wait.

    1. Yup, all good in the hood! I've thrown in the towel, and am not buying groceries this week. Back to other people making my meals. ;)

      Strawberries have been hit and miss, and now on to melon season!!

  2. That weather sounds so crazy, I'm so glad that you and your family are ok! You put out a lovely spread for them. Don't you love accidentally vegan baked treats? Zucchini bread sounds so good right now :) the juice sounds good and I love that bottle! I would save the bottle to put my own juice in when I make it.

    My first few watermelons of the season were ok but the one I'm working on now is amazing!!! Watermelon is 100% my favorite food :)

    I hope your 2 work days go quickly!!

    1. It does not feel like summer break whatsoever! Ha ha! It's like work, just in a different setting with too many meetings.

      I love it when people are accidentally out of eggs, and I get to share in their newly vegan treats! She shows her gratitude via gifts, and this was one!

      If I had the counter/storage space - I'd totally get a juicer!

  3. I need to look at a map of the states again to see where's what. I havent been aware of bad weather out there. You will have lots of humidity to enjoy next week though.

    1. I'm arriving on Thursday, hopefully it won't be too hot! Grandma cranks up the a/c, so I'll probably freeze.

      Yes, watch the news! ;)