Thursday, June 18, 2015

VA Trip Part 2/2

Saturday, we ventured down to Occoquan.  I did the nature exploring solo, but Grandma did join me for the shops.

We dined at another favorite spot Grandma's, J. Gilbert's.  This is not veg-friendly (I remembered this from my visit four years ago!), so I had to special order a salad without cheese, and a side of roasted potatoes without butter.

Sunday's highlight - a trip to Clare & Don's Beach Shack, as recommended by Shen.

I ordered the Spicy Blackened Tofu Sandwich, with no side (I was tired of potatoes by this point).  So they gave me a few extra pickles. Ha! This sandwich was so good!! I could have thanked Shen in person, if I'd been there an hour earlier. ;)

Monday was only a half day, so I snapped a picture of my breakfast and walked her acre.  So lush and green!

Coming straight off of the hardest school year (Grandpa's illness & death, my illness, extra demands on my time from work), into a trip where I felt (self-imposed) like I needed to spend time with her rather than see to my own desires (which led to resentment), I came home running. Practically crawling the walls of the plane, just to have to time to take care of myself.  I couldn't wait to spend time with Remy, go to yoga, work on my garden, see friends I had neglected for months, sit in the quiet.  I wish I could have visited her later in the summer, so that I might have been more at peace, and present. 

I don't know how much longer she'll keep the property (developers and neighbors have been courting her for years), and when she does sell - she'll move to Texas.  Therefore, it was good timing, walking the same floors I've known since childhood, and looking at the trees that could tell stories. I'm glad I went.


  1. Look at you braving 95! I have never been to Occoquan. Just sped past it a zillion times going to Potomac Mills.

    The Fries at Clare and Dons are exceptional. You could have had Tots instead? Oh well. Too late now.

    The Falls Church real estate market is super hot. Grandma could sell that acre in less than a day.

    I hate that feeling of having to race back to my life. Although, perhaps it is better than the feeling of dreading getting back to my life. Deep thoughts...

    1. I went to Occoquan as a child (memories of being bored out of my mind whilst Grandma shopped). I wish I could have checked out a few more shops!

      I ate the whole sandwich and was pleasantly satisfied! But if I visit once more before she moves, I will have fries or tots!

      I feel like a new person. The week has been great!!

    2. That is a huge Sandwich. I split in in two halves to eat opened faced.

      If you visit again, you must hit up Loving Hut!

  2. OMG I just wrote a long comment and it's gone, oy! I'll try and recreate it ;)

    First, I still can't deal with how freaking cute Wesley the Westie is!! I just want to cuddle him and play. Such a sweet face!!

    That is so great that you go to go to Clare & Don's!! Thanks for the inside pic too, the decor is too cute! I love the Beach Shack look. The sandwich looks insanely delicious and I'm still dying to try those fried dill pickles.

    Your pictures are so stunning. I'm glad that Grandma joined you for some shopping too! The towns look too cute.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about needing that time to yourself to recharge and regain that peace. It has been such a trying year for you, I'm so glad that you have the time you need to enjoy yourself and do the things you love and finding that peace :) And I'm looking forward to reading about it!! ;)

    1. Argh! Thanks for commenting again :)

      It was a successful visit, even though it wasn't as emotionally fulfilling. I didn't try the fried pickles, but I would bet they are great! That picture of Wesley is my favorite, so cute.

      The week has been wonderfully indulgent, fully taking time for myself, Remy, and friends!!