Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VA Trip Part 1/2

It's time for a trip recap! Covered in this post: Thursday and Friday.  I captured the highlights (I appreciate architecture, nature, and history - you've been warned!), as well as a couple of meals.  First, I snapped this mid-flight for those geographically challenged:

 Upon my evening arrival, Grandma had gone to the grocery store for fruits, veggies, and almond milk. How sweet! (Bagels, potatoes, green beans, berries, corn...)
In general, I ate similar plates for lunch/dinner. Strawberry spinach salad with homemade poppyseed dressing, baked potato with bbq sauce or corn on the cob with green beans.
 Wesley the Westie.

Friday's breakfast:
 On Shen's recommendation, we took a road trip to Middleburg (and on Grandma's rec - also to Upperville).

Once parked, I meandered through the shops in Middleburg while Grandma stayed in the car.  Similarly, in Upperville, I hopped out to check out the 19th century church in Upperville.

Friday afternoon ended with a trip to Great Falls Park

See you on Thursday with the other two and a half days! 


  1. OMG!!! Great Falls Park is SO GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous, I would love to see it! Your pictures are spectacular. I bet you wanted to jump into that water, it was SO HOT here last week! The town looks very cute too.

    That was sweet of Grandma to have to some vegan eats ready for you! The berries look really lovely, definitely can't go wrong with a big bowl of berries. Wesley the Westie is so freaking cute!! OMG that face, I'm in love!!

    Looking forward to the other installment! :)

    1. The Park is beautiful, but it was 95 degrees and high humidity. I honestly lasted for three minutes after taking these pictures, then I hightailed it to the air-conditioned car!

      She bought so much, and so I felt bad for only making a dent. Ha ha!

      Wesley is pretty cute, but he is not a snuggler!

  2. Beautiful pics. I appreciate the recap. I just wish you had eaten out in Middleburg or Upperville. Were you on the Virginia side of Great Falls?

    So adorable how Grandma's Westie has a sweater. She must blast the A/C.

    Delicious and nutritious grub. Never saw BBQ Sauce on a Baked Potato.

    Cant wait for the next installment!

    1. I wish as much, too! I mentioned the market and Harriman's, but she said nothing.

      Yes! Grandma mentioned riding her bicycle down to Great Falls as a child (it's a decent distance - no small feat for a kiddo!). Have you been there? It was crazy hot, so I didn't explore long.

      Wesley wears a t-shirts because he's an outdoor dog. Lots of crawling on his tummy in the mud, rolling in deer poop, napping in the wet grass. She's only started doing it within the last year to make it easier to clean him up!

      BBQ sauce on the tater is my go-to when there isn't anything else vegan in the fridge!

    2. I grew up going to the Maryland side of Great Falls, never been to the Virginia side. Again, I have no appreciation of it. Just fortunate, in retrospect, that i never fell in.

  3. Looks like such a beautiful place and how thoughtful of your grandma to stock up! Also, Wesley looks like a very fine chap- even if he doesn't like to snuggle.

    1. Hi Abby! Virginia has a lot of beauty, but it's too hot for me! Ha ha! Pups make everything better :)