Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Corner Beet

Mid-morning yesterday, I headed over to The Corner Beet.  Their website does not provide a menu, so I went in blind.

 Apologies for the glare on the photo, I even took a few while I was standing there - trying to get a good one\!  I had errands to run, so needed to take my beverage to go. $9 seemed ridiculous, so I went with a spritzer.  I asked one of the gals who worked there to recommend a juice, and she suggested the third option: Bon Vivant.

While she whipped it together, I noticed shredded carrot, oats, and pb dog biscuits. Naturally, one for Remy.

They do serve food, with an emphasis on toast and green salads.  I'll be back to try one out, and the ambiance was inviting.  In fact, not one hipster in sight! ;)

A few more shots of the exterior:

Up close of the spritzer:

We'll consider this post half-finished... When I visit next, I'll sit in a chair and nibble on something wonderful!


  1. The drink looks refreshing. Why does it always bother me that dog treats arent hygienically wrapped like human treats?

  2. The drink looks so great and definitely refreshing. I don't know why I haven't thought of making a spritzer! What a perfect summer drink. I'm sure Remy loved his treat. That's great that you were already about to half scratch this off of your summer eating bucket list! I'm looking forward to a second installment when you are able to get back!

  3. Hi Ladies! I'm looking forward to getting back there - Frankie's Mom said she'd like to go with me, so we might make it a doggie & juice playdate!

    I'm so happy to be back (I'll explain everything in my two part trip recap!), and to get to all of the other places.

  4. Not a hipster in sight? This place sounds amazing before you even get to the juice!