Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Tastes

I realize that it has been at least two summers, perhaps three, since I vowed to try new places to eat.  I made it to a few, but not all of them at that time - so here is the updated list of destinations!

Part I: Healthy Spots

The Corner Beet for a fresh-pressed juice and salad.
A sampler of cold-pressed juices at the Corner Beet.

Ace for more juice and salad (and maybe some fried rice!)

Build a rice bowl at Bubu

Part II: Opportunities Missed or Long Overdue

Veggie Calzone from Rebellion (this place has been on my list for a couple of years!)

WaterCourse Foods has now been completely vegan for a year, and I haven't been in. They took my favorite sandwich off the menu (ahem, it was already vegan - not sure why they took it off).  I want to go in and see if I can find a new favorite (unlikely).

True Food Kitchen - it's close, I have no excuses.  I've only gone in once, a year ago, for a juice.  The TLT or breakfast burrito will happen.

I can't believe I didn't go AT ALL last summer: Sweet Action Ice Cream.

Here's what I want to know from you: where is one place (or more) that you would like to take your taste buds to visit this summer?!


  1. Ooooh I like you summer eats bucket list! Everything looks so lovely, I love the way all of those juices look! So vibrant and fresh, yum. Building a rice bowl seems pretty amazing too, I need to stop being so lazy and start making yummy bowls for dinners. That calzone just looks insanely delicious. I need to check out all of these links and see what I will be tasting vicariously through you!

    Hmmmm, the one place I can think of that I want to visit is an Israeli market that I just found out existed fairly close to me. They have carry out dining and also an entire market full of prepared and packaged Israeli foods and I've been wanting to check it out!

    1. I hope I come through, and go to all of these places! My track record isn't so solid. ;)

      Oooh, the Israeli market sounds so interesting! I hope you go!!

  2. Wells at least you patronized Native Foods a few times.

    I want to go to NYC and experience walking into a Bagel shop and having them make me a Bagel with vegan Cream Cheese. I cant imagine the luxury of it,

    1. Do it! An overnight trip!!!

    2. Ha! i want to but am worried someone might push me onto the subway tracks or a refridgeration unit might fall on my head.

  3. my favorite resolutions are ones that involve visiting new eateries! I hope you make it to all!
    The shot of the juice is so pretty but I'm really drooling over the calzone.
    Not sure where I'd like to eat most... Champs is always great...

    1. I'm drooling over that calzone, too! Champs, and somewhere new!!