Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Highlights #2

Also known as "non-highlights".  Monday and Tuesday, I blissfully worked on my yard.  Wednesday I went to The Rebellion for lunch, and at 5pm - a "super cell" opened up with two tornadoes and four feet of flash flood waters. Historic, as we are not in a floodplain. I was out in it, without a cell phone, and Remy was at home.  The most terrifying driving experience I've ever had, which says a lot - considering I drive in snowstorms annually.  My front yard is slanted, and above street level so no water came in.  The backyard, however, had two feet of water in it.  The basement crawl space with my hot water heater and furnace was under five feet.  I am on day three with no hot water, and waiting to hear if anything will be salvaged or if I have to replace everything.

Remy is okay, but has been clingy, so I've taken him with me most places.  Thankfully, it hasn't been hot (until today), so my house isn't unbearable without a/c.

My yard as it was:
 Above: Gnome door nailed into place.  Below: in the place of a diseased bush, I put in a trellis and mosaic solar orbs, which glow at night. (I was on my way to find buckets with flowers to hang on said trellis when the 45 minutes of terror began.)
 Tuesday night, I snapped a picture of one glowing.
 You've seen the marigolds, but here they are for reference.
 After a foot had subsided (you can see the water line), but the mulch river halfway into the grass.
I might try to dig out the mulch in the flower bed, but I don't know if it would help.  I waited overnight to shovel the mulch back into place (the bush to the right is big, and nothing but the tarp was visible).  One orb broke, the other two only semi-work.  I enjoyed them for less than 24 hours!  The sidewalk is still stained, but my new chairs did just fine.  Here is Remy, modeling in one with his new haircut.
This, too, shall pass.  Apartments in my neighborhood had their garden levels completely flood - a total loss, and they are still cleaning up.  I've moved on to acceptance of the situation, as I am 100% not in control.  Per my father's advice, I am trying to do "normal" activities, instead of feeling frozen.  I'm also reminding myself that for most parts of the world, hot water is a luxury.  A/C is a luxury in Colorado, and I grew up without it.  

For your interest: click here for photos.  It's pretty shocking for a land locked, semi-arid state.


  1. Wow! And you and yr folks just worked on yr yard! Glad Remy is okay, hope everyone is. 4 feet is a lot anywhere! Hope you get hot water back soon...

    1. Yeah, it's hard not to be discouraged about the yard. I'm boiling water on the stove, and using liter sized mason jars mixed with the cold water as my shower. Just living life like the 19th century! ;)

  2. Oy vey, that sounds terrifying! I can't imagine having to drive in that, it must have been so awful. I drive in the snow too and I HATE it. Tornadoes are the scariest natural disaster too me because of how quickly they develop... you have no warning. I hope that you can at least salvage some of your stuff and definitely the water heater and furnace. You always have a great outlook on things but I'm sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes that things will turn back to normal soon.

    Sweet Remy is always handsome, even in the face of disaster. I hope you are getting lots of cuddle time. I hope your parents and brother are doing ok as well!

    1. What was interesting about this storm - it hit Denver proper and a little east. My parents live in western suburbs, and my brother lives south. Both had like half an inch. Incredible!

      It's looking like full replacements of everything. Deep breaths!

  3. My goodness, how terrible! Is it just me, or does it seem like weather predictions are getting worse instead of better. Dear Remy needs a big squeeze- not the least of which because he looks so dapper! Glad you are safe, but terribly sorry about the damage.

  4. That's some truly freaky weather - I would have been cowering in a corner somewhere. Being without water for so long, I can't imagine how grim that must feel. Glad to hear all are OK, bar some orb damage. I hope you're back to a state of normality before too long.

  5. Hey Dagnabbit! i commented on this post! Where did it go?!