Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Highlights #1

I have spent the week since returning from VA spending time with friends, going to Yoga and Spin classes, working on the yard, and generally relaxing.  First up on the highlight reel - the garden.
Orange was the only robust Marigold color I found, so monochromatic it is for this year!  I have a 6 foot tree stump covered in vines on my property (it is adjacent to a neighbor's property, so there is no getting rid of it!).  After years of living here, I decided to adorn it.  There is bare spot which seemed perfect for a gnome door.  I searched high and low for a pre-made version, but had my heart set on a red door.  I found an unpainted door at a craft store, and painted it myself. Here's my "practice" photo for before:
After: all painted, still waiting to drill it into the tree.
I've got a few more garden projects on the menu, as well as plenty in front of the house.  Just trying to pace myself (ahem, paycheck).

I also snapped pictures of a few meals - they were all repeated, so you didn't miss much else!

 Stir fry veggies (steamed), with millet ramen, and TJ's Soyaki.
 TJ's Orange Chickenless Morsels over sprouts, carrots, green onion, and chopped spinach.
 Asian Chopped Salad with Mandarin Oranges
 Sarah's Cherry Chocolate Smoothie
 Berries and grapes
I'll continue these highlights on the weekends, with regular Tuesday/Thursday posts, for the next 8 weeks.  I'm so happy summer break is here!!


  1. OMG I'm dying, that gnome door is too freaking cute!!! You did such a great job with it! Isn't it really relaxing to do crafting type projects? I've been really enjoying it as a way to wind down and relax after a stressful day. The finished product is adorable! I would love to see a picture of the finished door by the stump once it is dry :)

    Great looking meals too! I'm planning on starting off my cleanse with that very smoothie :) THe noodle bowl looks incredible as does the chopped salad and the berries. So many delicious, fresh summer eats happening!

    I'm glad you've been able to take the time to recharge and do the things that you want to do. It sounds like a pretty great week to me! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer like this as well :) 8 weeks, wow!! Kinda super jealous, ha! Although I gave myself a three day weekend next week to have lots of puppy cuddle time and I'm really excited about it!

    1. Thank you! Painting is very cathartic, let's see if I do it again. ;) I still need to attach the door to the tree stump but I'm excited to see it all in place!

      I picked up a chocolate protein packet with that very smoothie in mind! I have enough frozen cherries to make it once more. I can't wait to read about the cleanse!

      I feel like 8 weeks isn't long enough! Ha ha! I think with the year having been so difficult, I'm worried about going back - I don't think I can handle more stress.

      Hooray for puppy cuddles! They are the best. I bet Remy is tired of me loving on him!

  2. i nevr heard of a Gnome Door. So cute! Ironically, the vine on the tree is Virginia Creeper. We have tons of it here and I always let it goes wild. Beautiful meals and flowers. I am glad your trip east gave you an appreciation for the lack of humidity over your remaining time off. Scuse the typos, but I aint retyping the whole thing over. You get it.

    1. I hear you, loud and clear! ;) People have garden gnomes, and but I don't have the desire to buy a statue so this seemed like a reasonable answer. I recall years ago my realtor telling me I could put a face (Mr. Potato Head -esque), but that would creep me out. I'm not educated in the studies of plant species, but I'm happy to know that a little Virginia is in my backyard!