Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Green Tuesday

I've been busy shopping for backyard decor today, but I'll share the photos this weekend in my weekly wrap up! As for the meals: Vega Vanilla (frozen banana, almond milk) smoothie, avocado roll, watermelon, Quinoa Burger with BBQ sauce and roasted broccoli.


See you on Thursday!


  1. Dont go too overboard with the lawn ornaments. We have a neighbor up the street whose lawn is so cluttered with old deflated Snoopies and Woodstocks and Santas. It is an eyesore.

    Beautiful sushi.

  2. Oooh I can't wait to see what kinds of fun things you got for your yard! Is your yard conducive to growing any veggies or fruit. That is definitely a dream of mine for the future… I want to have an amazing garden :)

    Great looking meals! You know I love my watermelon and the sushi looks really fresh and delicious.

    I hope you are enjoying every second of your break!

  3. Hey ladies, it's just too sad. We had a tornado and flood here last night. I'm fine, but my yard is trashed. I'm glad I took pictures of it while it lasted, which I'll share on Sunday. Today and tomorrow will be trying to put myself back together....

  4. A tornado?! That is terrifying! You are fortunate just your yard was trashed. Post before and after photos.