Tuesday, June 2, 2015

All Outside

Vega Vanilla Protein & Greens, half a frozen banana, lots of frozen blueberries, almond milk.

My attempt at a Mexican-themed salad (I made three of them, thus I have one left. "Meh.")

Pre-spin class treat:

Dinner: dry roasted asparagus, veggie dog on spelt bread. I'm out of mustard.

I'm anticipating a slow progression towards raw meals, simply because it's now super hot outside.  When it's hot, I don't want to cook - I had to talk myself out of eating the asparagus raw, and turning on the oven (to a low temperature!).  I also need to up my water intake - I almost fainted from the heat in spin class (it was about 78 in the room, and I was not hydrated!).

School is slowly fizzling out - a nice, mellow week so far!  See you on Thursday!


  1. Look at all the Ketchup on that Hot Dog! i thought it was Chili at first. Do you 'dry roast' using just cooking spray?

    Definitely keep yourself well and hydrated. Grandma is counting on you to make it here.

    1. I was feeling very ketchup-y that day, to be sure! I have done both cooking spray and nothing at all. When I dry roast cauliflower, nothing. But this had cooking spray on the foil, since I knew it would stick!

      Lots of hydrating today - feeling like I've figured it out. Basically, drink water all day, non-stop. Ha!