Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Few Things

As previously mentioned, I had two work days this week - and I can say that as I left this afternoon, a lightness came upon me.  It's real. It's here. My summer break starts NOW! I'll be turning off my alarm clock shortly.

In the meantime, here are a few food highlights from yesterday and today. 100% not made by me. Ha!

Our meetings were off campus, in another building, with no access to refrigeration.  I knew this ahead of time, and purchased two of these.  This one was just okay, but I liked the other one, featuring red pepper hummus and pita chips better.

The other juice I picked up.  Good.

TJ's Super Spinach Salad. I know, I eat it regularly right now. ;)

Summer Slaw and Kale Salad, Sweet Chile Marinated Tofu - from Whole Foods.

Hoping to knock one of my summer restaurants off the list tomorrow.  I'll report back on Thursday! Pinch me - I don't yet believe I'm on vacation!!


  1. Ahhhhh congrats!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what adventures you have this summer. I'm sure it'll contain lots of yummy eats like you have in this post! How have a never heard of those picnic pack things?! That looks amazing! Is that a local product or is it something I may be able to find? I suppose I could make it myself but what is the fun in that ;) The juice looks lovely and I still love that bottle. The TJs salads always look so fresh, that is definitely something I love about Trader Joe's. THe WFs salad bar fare looks really great as well.

    Ooh starting the summer vacation off with a bang and checking out one of the restaurants, I like it! Looking forward to the review!

    1. I found the GoPicnic at King Soopers (Kroger), but I know they sell them at Target. I've only seen two versions that are vegan, however.

      I've got the review all set to roll out tomorrow!

      Thank you! I'm ready to enjoy summer to its fullest!!

  2. Happy holidays - you definitely sound like you deserve a break. I'm pretty impressed at the little meal kit up there - we just don't have anything even close to that. Lunch with no fridge would be a sweaty sarnie for me! I love the salads up there. That tofu looks really appealing.

    1. Thanks, Joey! I can hardly believe it's here!

      I know, I was trying to avoid wilty lunches, and this was the right decision!

  3. How do I miss your posts? it is very concerning to me.