Sunday, May 31, 2015


At the end of the week, it came to my attention that I had very little in the fridge (we're talking condiments and one bag of greens). Very little in the freezer (frozen fruit, one bag of frozen corn, and Meatless Meatballs). And only grains in the cupboard.  I thought about it, and realized I hadn't done a full shopping trip in nearly a month.  Apparently small, $15, grocery runs had been sustaining me through the recent busy season.  Needless to say, I took care of that!
 Kidney beans, ketchup, salsa, raw cashews, veggie dogs, shredded carrots, spelt bread, strawberries, cantaloupe, bell pepper.
 Asparagus, avocado, curly kale, spinach, kale blend.

Shelled edamame, Orange Morsels, Chickenless Tenders, BBQ sauce.

I had Shen's favorite TJ's salad for dinner:

While at Whole Foods, I noticed various vegetable noodles (sweet potato, beet, squash):

Lastly, my heart is replenished because I have been able to spend ample time with this guy:

Last full week of work - only two days the following week! It should be very mellow this time, as opposed to the crazy of last week.


  1. You must save a lot of time not having to mop the floors.

    Well? What was the verdict on the Salad? Still prefer the Super Spinach?

    1. I think I do prefer the Super Spinach Salad, mainly because it has more goodies in it. But I will keep this one on the side!

  2. Same here! Things have been so busy! Looks like a great haul, though. Should tide you over for a while. I also find that when I do smaller hauls, more often, I end up spending more money just because I pick up one or two extra treats per visit. So I'm eating less real food and more junk. Not sure if that's the case with you.
    I wonder what people do with those beet noodles! I've only made those once before - they were okay. Funny to think they would last pre-made, though.
    Good to see Remy. Hope all is well!

    1. I'm totally the same way! I'll spend more money, buy less healthy stuff - repeat.

      The noodles would have a short shelf life, I'd think. My guess is that they are trying to cater to a low-carb customer!

  3. Yikes, I'm sorry that it has been so busy! At least rest and relaxation are on the horizon for you! Summer vacation is coming up so quick and I'm so excited for you!

    Great looking haul! I'm so excited about cherries, I had my first of the season too and they were amazing! They are definitely at the top of my favorite fruit list :) Along with watermelon of course, ha! The veggie pasta looks really interesting but I have to imagine they add something to keep them fresh, right? I'd rather just spiralize mine fresh but I guess it would be good for someone on the go!

    Sweet Remy! I'm sure you are both so happy that you'll have so much time together!

    1. Summer break still feels really far away, but it'll be here before I know it! This week has been so much better than last week. Very refreshing!

      I CAN'T WAIT for watermelon. I should just buy a big one. I could eat it in a week, I'd guess! Ha ha! The cherries has been great, and the berries, too. It's the best time of year for fruit, in my mind! I've heard apricots are good right now, as well. Yeah, I think I'll spiralize my own veggies - didn't even think about them adding a preservative.

      I think he's ready for extra time, any time! :)