Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thigh High

I'd say the crazy is about mid-thigh, trudging through these two insane weeks with moderate difficulty.  I do have my eye on the island (noon, next Friday), though, and keep reminding myself that it'll all be over soon.

Avocado Toast
 Homemade Chinese: bell peppers, onions, carrots, and tofu in sweet & sour sauce (made with garlic and pineapple), over brown rice.
 I've been thinking about the Super Spinach Salad since yesterday, and ran into TJ's to pick one up after spin class.

Even though I said I wouldn't buy anything else, I decided to go with whatever else I could carry in my hands, as I didn't bring a bag.  Thus, impulse peanut butter filled pretzels, and lunch for tomorrow:
I've never had this wrap - I'll report back tomorrow!


  1. Those Chickenless Wraps are news to me! You make a very professional looking Chinese Stir-Fry. Gotta pick up Avocados this weekend (Cinco De Mayo in four days)

    1. I had not seen the wrap previously! It's okay - a little too much faux chicken, as it made me too uncomfortable with its likeness! I had a visit to the Whole Foods hot bar today for my pre-cinco de mayo. I'll probably go back on Tuesday for tamales.

  2. The wrap sounds good! Do let us know how it is. Nice looking stir fry for sure. Garlic and pineapple sounds like a great combination. Is the dressing on the spinach salad one that comes with the salad? Or did you have that at home?
    Keep it together, you are almost there :)

    1. I'm not quite there, I really could cry! Friday at noon is so far away to right now. *sigh*

      The wrap was alright, but I won't purchase it again. It was too much faux meat. I use the dressing provided - it's so good!

  3. That spinach salad is sooo good! The wrap must be new- i always cheer a bit when i see a mainstream retailer offer a vegan option. Starbucks actually has a new vegan wrap- edamame hummus- I haven't tried it yet but nice to know the option is there. Those pb pretzels are one of my all time favorite snacks.

    Just a few more days! Countdown!

  4. You definitely deserve those pretzels! The chinese looks great - there's something about cutting tofu into triangles that makes it taste even better!