Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Dreams

Full tilt in the crazy, about knee deep today.  Waist deep by Saturday.  Drowning by the end of next week.  Whilst proctoring for three and a half hours today, I made a mental list of my summer plans and thought to share them with you here:

1.  A visit to Virginia
(Grandma's backyard, I painted that bird house for her about 12 years ago!)

2. House and yard projects
(My flowers and helper from last summer.)

3. Lots of new/different workout and yoga classes.

4.  Books I've been meaning to read.

5.  Hikes and long walks with Remy.
 (Remy inspecting neighborhood flowers, and below, from hike on the Hogback last summer.)

6.  Farmer's Markets, patio lounging with friends.

7. A week in Texas.  Starting with a conference in Austin, then four days with family that lives there.  
(From my trip to Austin in June 2013!)

8.  As little school work as possible.

I. Can't. Wait.  Six more weeks.


  1. must be nice to dream about. Working retail, I work year round and never feel quite as well rested or relaxed as one might.
    When is the last time you were in Virginia? Are you and Shen gonna make a TFK date? :)
    So nice to see some photos from a warmer time...

    1. I'm all for a strong work ethic, but I'm even more supportive of us taking more vacation days like our other developed country counterparts! They take more days off, with smarter students, better health, and economies just as strong. Okay, I'll step down from my soap box. ;)

      I was last in VA in 2011. Grandma has been out here in between, but it has been a year and a half since I've seen her!

      As Shen said, I hope to get to TFK here soon! But the other recommendations with be visited!!

  2. Yay, I love this post! I'm so nosy, I love hearing what other people are doing with their vacations. It looks like you have a really great summer planned. I won't lie, I'm a little bit jealous! I'm so excited for you that you are going to be traveling. I have always been so curious about Texas, I can't wait to read about your trip! Patio lounging is the best, my friend and I are going to be doing a lot of that when I'm in Florida this weekend!

    I hope that the rest of your week goes quickly and when it gets tough just remember, just six more weeks until a really great summer!

    1. I really just want it to be next Friday, so all of this mayhem can be over. The four weeks thereafter will be a breeze!

      I'd love to go overseas again, but I need to be responsible with my money this year! Ha ha! It doesn't stop me from daydreaming!

      Oooh, have so much fun in Florida!! I miss your posts and hearing more about you!!

  3. Lots of positive things lined up for summer (although last years Texas trip was a little on the dull side for my tastes, guess those relatives are super religious).

    Maude, Ingrid has her very own TFK that she chooses not to patronize! She has been firmly instructed to go to Loving Hut on her trip east. Will our paths cross? Possibly, but will we know it at the time? Doubtful...

    1. I haven't planned activities for VA or TX, that will be the next step!

      Loving Hut, Clare & Don's Beach Shack, but not LPQ - due to their divestment in tofu. What if we go to Warrenton again, and end up at The Black Bear Bistro? So many options! ;)

  4. Black Bear Bistro is a great choice if you go west. They dont always have the vegan chili but they always have a vegan option and the back patio is lovely to sit at.