Sunday, March 15, 2015

Master Update

My parents returned from their 10 days trip to Israel, but I kept Terra for an extra day so as to let them sleep/ go grocery shopping / resume life.  They were saddened to see her decline, as her blindness has progressed quickly.  She is going back to the vet tomorrow, so hopefully they'll have more answers.  Our biggest concern is whether or not she is experiencing pain.  In the meantime, here are a few images from her last couple of days at my house: sunbathing...

After work, causing brief panic, I didn't find her in her bed.  Apparently, Remy's toy bed (because he doesn't actually ever sleep there) was closer and/ or just as comfortable.

My parents had a wonderful trip, visiting many historical and holy sites, riding a camel, shopping in the markets, bouncing in the Dead Sea, and according to my mother "eating Mediterranean vegetables, delicious dates, and a lot of pita bread".  My souvenirs/ thanks for keeping Terra gifts:
 Scarf, necklace, and Dead Sea Salt scrub and lotion.

 I still have recipes leftover from the previous week's Happy Herbivore meal plan, and hope to make them this week.  But first, I made another batch of the sweet and sour sauce, and cut veggies in chunkier style (a la Chinese take out).
 Green bell pepper, onion, carrots, and tofu.  I'll serve it over brown rice for lunch the next few days.

Also prepped, and from the meal plan, Citrus Couscous Salad.  I added spinach.

See you on Tuesday!


  1. Pups love a sunbeam just as much as cats. Sounds like your parents didnt do any Falafel stands. maybe one day you will go to Israel and make up for it. Great looking stir fry!

    1. Especially Terra! Remy isn't much of a sunbather. I'll have to ask that question, but they did not mention Falafel! I think Israel is on the list, but not any time too soon - it's an expensive trip!

  2. Aww sweet Terra. I love those pictures, she is such a beauty. Hopefully the vet will be able to give you some answers or good news. Hopefully she is not in any pain.

    I'm still incredibly jealous of their trip! Did they try the borekas or malawach? Mmm. What beautiful gifts they got you! I'm so glad you get to try the skin care! I've been debating whether or not I want to order some. The necklace is stunning. I've heard the markets there are incredible and it certainly looks like they picked up some beautiful things!

    The stir fry looks so delicious. I love that you made the sweet and sour sauce. How are you feeling with the meal plan?

    1. I like the meal plan, I didn't love the following week's plan so I'll consider it only on occasion!

      I will ask about the other meals - I know they ate at their hotel buffet most meals.

      I think they had a wonderful trip, and the markets sound like fun as long as you don't mind being haggled. My dad ended up buying an ugly necklace because the guy wouldn't leave him alone! I guess we all have to make a living! Ha ha!

      Her vet appointment had to be rescheduled, as Mom was too busy to leave work. :(

  3. Aw, that pic of Terra in Remy's bed! So cute. I hope she is feeling alright, even if the sight is failing.
    The gifts look lovely. You're getting quite a collection of scarves from around the world, huh? my bf's brother lives in Tel Aviv and last time he visited, he brought me back some dead sea mud. Hope you enjoy your scrub!
    I'm a big fan of stir fries...that sauce and veggies look great.

    1. We'll have to wait and see what the vet says, once the appointment happens!

      I do have a few scarves now, ha ha! I can't wait to try the scrub.

  4. Yeah, Israel is where I got to know falafel and babaganoush etc. So fun they got to travel, good for them for being so adventurous. Terra is so pretty.