Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Keep Counting

Frozen strawberries, half of a frozen banana, coconut, almond milk, Vega Vanilla Protein & Greens
 My attempt at a homemade Chipotle bowl: brown rice, black beans (with onions and bell peppers), corn, and avocado
While eating, I realized it was missing salsa (I have another serving for tomorrow). After work, I picked up some salsa. So I naturally needed to buy tortilla chips.  I then ate too many prior to spin class.
 Thereby having a salad for dinner post spin class.
I really wish I had a margarita with those chips and salsa. On a patio. How many more days till Spring Break? (3)


  1. Yep, margharitas may everything better. Apart from may be spinning. That would be a bit tricky after some tequila. That's a good looking Chipotle bowl.

  2. No Shredded Lettuce on your Chipotle Bowl? Just when you could have added all you wanted,

  3. Unsalted chips??? Really?!
    I thought the entire *point* of chips were a crunchy salty bite.... And yes chipotle bowls need salsa. I think the guacamole is also important cuz it acts like a sauce.
    I want a spring break!! And a margarita :)

  4. i had a crazy Chipotle craving the other day, but did not indulge. yrs looks like something I could pull together though.
    i dunno, how many days??