Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Tuesday

I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly this week is progressing.  True, I have a lot going on at work - so the days fly, and of course the chaos of two canines (although Terra's vision is really deteriorating, the vet says there is nothing she can do).  Regardless, Wednesday is nearly here so I need to show you today:

My parents landed in Tel Aviv without incident earlier today! See you on Thursday!


  1. That Chili is lasting longer than my desserts usually do. great looking dinner!

    1. Hmmm... It appears Blogger ate my earlier response! But, I said: this chili serving was the last - I had taken a break from it, thus making it last longer!

  2. I'm having the exact opposite feeling this week... it is dragging so much!!

    You dinner looks so incredible!! What is the sauce on the veggies? Are those roasted chickpeas? Why am I not eating that meal right now? I am DEFINITELY going to get these ingredients next week along with corn and potato chowder ingredients! Thanks for the inspiration :) I'm in a major food rut right now as you could tell from my blog.

    Hooray, so glad your parents had a safe flight! I'm very invested in this trip, I can't wait to hear about their experience! Are they staying in Tel Aviv at all? I've heard the markets there are fantastic :)

    I hope the rest of your week continues to go quickly!

    1. I'm usually in your boat in relation to the week's progress! Ha ha!

      It's the magic miso tahini sauce over the veggies. I had a small tupperware of chickpeas that needed to go away, as well as the cruciferous veggies - thrown in the oven! You'll be seeing those veggies again tomorrow, just not with the beans.

      Tomorrow is Thursday - that's the good news!!