Sunday, February 8, 2015

Too Quick

Another fast weekend! Friday after work:

 More of the above on Saturday, and a healthy trip to the grocery store(s):
 Accidentally overlooked the Near East Wild Rice mix and a shallot in the bottom of my bag - imagine them being there on the right! ;)

Sunday: again, more of the above and lunch prep for four days. No School Friday!
 See you on Tuesday....


  1. 72?!?! Mother nature truly has been mind effing you. At least you were able to get out with the pups (such a cute pic of the sweet peas!) and able to re-stock your pantry. Your haul looks great, looking forward to seeing how you use everything :) The prep looks really great too, and I'm sure the variety throughout the week will make you happy. I know it can get boring eating the same thing every day.

    Did you take off for your b-day or am I missing a holiday? ;) If you took off that is awesome, everyone deserves their birthday off!

    This is going to seem totally random right now but I promise it will make sense in the future. What is your favorite 3 color combination? ;)

    1. My, my what a good memory! Yes it is my birthday, but it is also a comp day for working conferences. I think I would taken it anyway if I could have - we deserve to do whatever we want on our day!

      The weather has been so warm, perfect for dog walks - even though with both of them it is a challenge! At least they are on the same wavelength when it comes to potty breaks.

      I have no idea! Let's go with lavender, silver, and black...

  2. Yeah, what is the holiday on the 13th? I have a 4 day week this week too, but only because I took off for Saturday.
    I got up later than I wanted to today but thanks for the reminder to get out to the store and prep some stuff for the week. I like that you have two different meals to choose from, sometimes I end up with the same thing all week and it's boring.
    Looks like Terra and Remy are really enjoying the weather.

    1. It's a teacher comp day - we are working twelve hour days on Wednesday and Thursday for parent/teacher conferences. Thus, they have to pay us in time or money.... public education always pays in time! It is also my birthday, so I might have taken that day anyway. ;)

      Do it! Meal prep makes it easier!

      Walking two dogs at once is a talent I do not possess.

  3. So was today a Tofu day or Chickpeas? Terra looks happy and well in the pic.

    1. Tofu! Quite good, I must say.

      When she does her "whole body shake" she loses her balance, and goes spread eagle on the hardwood. Also, when she thinks we are leaving, she stands in front of the refrigerator door instead of the backyard door. Sad, but funny.

  4. oh, maybe some carpet runners for her to get some traction on the hardwood? they can be found cheap at places like Big Lots.