Thursday, February 26, 2015

Continued Snow

Our 8 inches of snow on Sunday was compounded yesterday with another 5 inches midday yesterday, and another 3-4 inches today.  Wet, almost rain-like snow.  Icy and 12 degrees, with wind.  What does it equal? NO SCHOOL! I'm happy for me, sad for my students because we have so much to cover.  Lots of homework coming up, kiddos!

 An almost neon yellow tumeric tofu scramble with Tofutti and spinach, dry wheat toast, black coffee.

A little chili to go with my cornbread.  

 Spinach and Tofu Ricotta Lasagna or flat-sagna.  

My spin class was cancelled as well.  I spent the day reading or listening to the audiobook of our book club selection (a title I picked out but never read last summer).  The audiobook is on YouTube (sorry, publisher!), and is read by a fantastic orator with a British accent.  I cleaned, organized, and purged all of my kitchen cabinets - I have a bag of goblets and such to take to the Goodwill - whilst listening.  Frankie came over to play with Remy for a bit, and there was a long nap. No complaints here!  See you this weekend (we're supposed to get more snow!).


  1. Ugh I seriously hate snow. That sucks, I hope you are staying home and that you are safe and warm. Snow days are always fun, I hope you are enjoying your snow days and have been able to relax!

    I recognize that mug!! :) I love that you use it! That tofu scramble really is yellow but it's quite pretty! I really love your dishes by the way. So pretty. I used to hate orange but now it's one of my favorite colors. Random, sorry, ha! I need some cornbread in my life, and I liked FF's idea of adding blueberries. What a gorgeous lasagna, it looks like it turned out great!

    What a productive day! I'm usually so lazy on snow days because I'm annoyed at the snow but it looks like you were able to get a lot done! I'll have to check out the book too.

    Stay safe!

    1. No snow over the weekend, and I am very appreciative for it!

      Why, yes, that mug is in my usual rotation! It has been so long since I enjoyed a scramble, clearly I was overzealous with my tumeric addition! Ha!

  2. It has been too long since I've had a tofu scramble! That should change...this weekend. :)
    The snow sounds wild. I really wish we had more and everything would just quiet/calm down. Calm days at home are so nice. Haha, but too bad about what yr kids have coming to them.
    The lasagna looks fantastic. nice job.

    1. They didn't complain too much, and those who didn't attend - I asked their friends to text them the assignments.

      The lasagna is not my best work, but thank you nonetheless! :)

  3. Trust me, dont feel sorry for your students;-)

    I am surprised school ever gets cancelled out there. Colorado=snow. It is the first thing I think of when I think of Colorado. All schools in our area were closed yesterday because we got 2". Total.

    Beautiful food and pics. This blog may get too professinal looking for me to visit soon.

    1. We'll see if they were able to surmount the homework windfall tomorrow. Ha!

      Oh dear, 2 inches would cause us to close all winter. It was more the snow quality (heavy, water dense - rain like snow) and zero overnight temperatures that made it an ice skating rink on the highways. Apparently we closed because buses couldn't get out in it.

      YOU HAVE TO COME BACK! Nothing professional here. ;)

  4. SNOW! we have had hardly a flake over here, it's been so mild. I think I miss it, but I bet I'd be the first first person grumbling when I had to wade through the slush. Both that tofu scramble and cornbread are looking great there.