Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Birthday & A Wedding

I ate my spicy chocolate cupcake from Happy Cakes in the afternoon of my birthday:
(This is also the only picture taken on my DSLR for this post.  The rest are from my iPhone - thus, bare with the quality!)

Dinner with brother and parents at Rosa Linda's, where I had a veggie burrito.

A friend I met the first day I moved into the dorms at the University of Colorado, married her nine year boyfriend on Saturday.  They are fans of costume parties, and the groom created and runs the annual Denver Zombie Crawl.  Thus, they themed their wedding - a Black Valentine/ Til Death Do Us Part.  Guests (adults only - no children) were instructed to wear all black cocktail attire.  A Hurst was parked out front, and creepy, broken 1920s music was played on a phonograph.  They wrote eulogies for each other in place of vows (they were funny, I must say), and during cocktail hour magicians, ballerinas, and tarot card readers moved amongst the crowd. 

(All tables had really awesome centerpieces like this!)

You found your table assignment via mortuary toe tag, and part way through the first dance - the music and electricity were cut.  A percussion based electronic marching band (Itchy-O, these songs were played) walked in wearing black masks over their faces.  To say it was terrifying at the start was an understatement!  Then we danced with them.  I continued dancing along with friends for about three hours.

A Valentine's Day for the history books, if I do say!  I'm so tired, and still very dehydrated...


  1. Wow, what an incredible themed wedding! It sounds like a ton of fun. Looks like a beautiful dress too. Hope you got something to eat as well. Did you get yr tarot read?
    Nice looking cupcake. Was it mexican hot chocolate or something?

    1. They had a buffet for dinner - I had salad, bulgur, and roasted vegetables!

      I did not have a tarot card read, but a friend did - you can see her cards above! (It wasn't good news, not exactly encouraging!)

      They called it spicy because they have a mexican hot chocolate non-vegan option. But I would suspect it to be similar! Very cinnamon!

  2. Well I give up! I have tried commenting twice and it wont let me. Your wedding couple must be playing a trick on me!

    1. Oh no! I would have loved to have read your thoughts!

  3. Oh no! My comment is doing the same thing that Shen's must be doing! I basically said that your birthday meal and cupcake look incredible! It looks like you had a great day!

    What a cool wedding theme!! I love when couple's take the time to make special details that make their day unique and true to themselves rather than cookie cutter. The cake and dress are gorgeous and the entertainment and centerpieces look fun! Did you have your cards read?

    1. Yikes! I'll play with the settings for a minute. Maybe I need to turn the capcha codes?

      I think they wanted a big party since they are basically married and are not religious - thus, throw a themed event! I'll see her Sunday, so I'll ask about the inspiration!