Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keep On

I tried the Protein & Greens Vega with frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, and water this morning. It was good, even though my brain says "why are you drinking smoothies for breakfast in January? Where's the oatmeal?".
 After three servings this week, I'll be taking a break from the braised cabbage and seitan over brown rice. Ha!
 Rookie mistake: I came home after work, and had a few too many crackers with edamame hummus before spin class. It was a great workout, but a little fuller than I like to be with that much activity!

Dinner: I made a small salad with the pre-mixed kale salad, used the pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries it came with but added fresh blueberries and made a creamy poppyseed dressing (without the shallots, as I don't have any!).
Bring on the weekend - I've been ready since Monday! ;)  See you soon...


  1. I don't know what it's like for you in yr own house, but the heat in my building is so high in the winter that I never have a problem drinking smoothies in the winter. In any case, the smoothie sounds really good. Garden of Life is on sale more often than not, so I buy that, and not Vega. But I do love that brand.
    Totally feel you on enjoying a lunch but being over it after 3 days. I try to prep 2 things that I can switch out, or at least make one basic thing but change the garnishes or other toppings.
    The salad looks so pretty. I have a bad habit of snacking as I make dinner so that I'm almost full by the time I eat a real meal. Are you not a dessert person? I feel like you don't often post desserts.

  2. I think I remember you making that Seitan and Cabbage last year. You really must love it.

    It is okay to eat cold stuff in the winter. I deem it okay.

  3. I have been craving smoothies lately too! I'm always too cold to actually make them but I'm going to change that next week and start enjoying my smoothies again! Yours looks really good. I saw strawberries selling for $8.99 for a container in Whole Foods today! That's crazy! I can see getting sick of something you've eaten all week, though it definitely does still look great. The salad looks so pretty! I bet it was delicious.

    We dug out on Tuesday, I've been in work the rest of the week. had to clean up from the plow before work on Wednesday and the entrance to the parking lot at work on Wednesday because the landlord did a crappy job. There is still so much snow everywhere, it is crazy! And I'm exhausted from all of the shoveling, ha! I feel like I need a protein smoothie after shoveling!

  4. There's snow on the ground here and I'm all about the oatmeal right now, good as those smoothies look. I have a lot of instances where I batch-cook a dish but it last so long I end up grumbling at its constant reappearance!

  5. Hi Everyone! My apologies for the delay in responding - life has been so hectic! Thank you for your comments!! xoxo