Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's a Tuesday

Apparently, on Tuesdays I can't get up on time. Another school breakfast whilst prepping my room for first period:
 The remaining Asian Chopped Salad packed at home, eaten for lunch:
 Yesterday, I ran into TJ's for three items but left with one more: edamame hummus! It has been out since last May (when they had to change distributors due to a listeria outbreak).
 I made sure to try it several times, just for the posterity of this post:
 Yum! It has a distinct flavor, so take it to a gathering and try it before committing to a tub in your fridge.

45 minute spin class, and I think she wanted to kill us. It was in upper the 40s today, so not terribly cold outside.  She had the heat cranked when class started, but she never turned it down! It made class so much harder, and I know I worked less because I couldn't regulate my temperature.  Upon leaving, I glanced at the thermostat: 80 degrees. Gross.

Not gross: tacos.
Corn tortilla, Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, Bibb lettuce (one of my items from TJ's), salsa (also TJ's), SmartLife Mexican Style Crumbles, and avocado.

See you on Thursday!


  1. Tuesday's are a rough one for me too! Probably because it is my Monday :) oatmeal and banana is the best breakfast. The salad is gorgeous and the tacos look so delicious.

    Isn't Trader Joe's the best? I have never tried the edamame hummus but I'm so curious to try. Getting it for a get together is a really good idea too. I would love to see a post on favorites from Trader Joe's... it's such a great way to learn about new products!

    That is crazy about the temperature of the class! It brings me back to my Bikram yoga days ... yoga in 105 degrees and high humidity... oy! I can imagine how drained you felt after that class!

  2. Nice manicure! I hope you stocked up on Speculoos Cookies and pre-made Salads at TJ's!

  3. Hmm, I think I've had that edamame hummus before. maybe it's time to give another try.
    The tacos look awesome. Did you use TVP or something on them?
    I've been really bad with breakfasts lately, either buying crap or not eating enough and getting hungry too early. But oatmeal and a banana really is the best combination.

  4. I have only had the edamame hummus once (I was on holiday), but I remember it fondly. I'm not surprised you had to walk out with a tub. Also: tacos for the win.

  5. Listeria, sweat, and a whole lotta good eats! Also love your nail polish color :-)

    1. Ha ha! Only two those are desirable! Thank you - it lasted about a day without chips or peeling. I'm rubbish at keeping a manicure nice, so I rarely bother to paint anymore! The color is called "Lady Like".