Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In the Middle

I tried the new Vega Protein & Greens  this morning in the form of a smoothie blended with a frozen banana and plain almond milk.
 Good enough, I suppose. It tasted like regular Vega, which is....a good thing? I'm not sure what I was expecting! I'll try it in various forms and let you know if it blows me away. ;)

I made Appetite for Reduction's Braised Cabbage with Seitan, and am eating it for lunch on most days this week.  Served with brown rice.
 Pre-faculty meeting snack...
 and open windows in my classroom due to:
 (Don't be too upset - look at our weekend!) I spoke with my colleagues about our late April - early May type weather and we agreed it was a cruel joke.  We do not have six weeks of school until summer, like the temperature would indicate. We have nine weeks until spring break. *cries*

45 minute spin class, and it went really well - I felt strong and only coughed a little.  I guess taking four days off helped, and consulting with my good friend who is an RN helped too - she said to take a puff or two after working out to help with the wheezing I'm still experiencing.
 Lastly, slightly less than exciting tacos for dinner as I am out of salsa and the crumbles are a little dry at this point. Not at all disappointing however - the super avocado! I finally finished it, after over two weeks of carving off slices.  Let's be real: I had to shave off a little more brown this time, but still a perfect avocado.
It's a good thing I "drank" my greens, because there sure wasn't any dark green in my day.  Time to pump that good stuff back into the rotation! See you on Thursday!


  1. I will take your 73 degrees, ha! I can definitely see how it would be a tease though and it really sucks having such big jumps or drops in temperature.

    I'm impressed by the staying power of that avocado! Mine definitely do not last that long... although I wouldn't need it to because I can usually power down 1/2 at a time :) The braised cabbage with seitan looks really great, definitely a perfect pack and go meal!

    Oy, I hope the inhaler helps but I hope even more that you don't need it soon! I'm glad that you are getting better though and that you listened to your body and gave yourself a little break!

    1. We're on the slide down towards cold - I can feel it! I hope you've been able to continue digging out. The stories on the news make it sound so treacherous!

      I didn't use my inhaler after class (thus far) today, so I feel like that's an improvement.

      I'm on the edge of a "boring food" rut, and while the cabbage and seitan is hearty - I don't know if I can eat more of it! Ha!

  2. Good for you not letting that pneumonia keep you down! Dont know what is up with those warm temps -- maybe go outside and take some deep breaths before it goes away?

    1. It has been such a cruel tease. I know the cold will be back any time now!