Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Normal Weekend

I haven't had a "normal weekend" since mid-November. No sadness, no coughing, no crisis. I'm in such a state of gratitude, it's nearly emotional! I only made a few plans and appointments, that I might continue to move forward in my recovery and adjust to a working schedule.

I finished off the delicious Couscous Kale Salad:
 Remy went to the groomer's:
(He also came along with me this afternoon to catch up with a friend.  She has a big house, and two dogs.  He was in heaven!)

Grocery shopping and meal planning.  My parents were in the area, stopped by to say "hi", and mentioned they were heading Trader Joe's.  I tagged along, and picked up necessary items:
 This morning, I put on workout clothes for the first time in 23 days.  My friend who usually teaches it ended up needing to take care of something, and her sub was a guy I didn't know.  I made sure to tell him that I didn't know what I could do due to my recent illness.  My lungs burned within the first two minutes, but I kept on plugging away and eventually my lungs opened up.  I've signed up for a class on Tuesday, but my legs are already sore from today!  It feels good to be back in the saddle!

For lunch, I decided to try out a new purchase...
 I added red bell pepper and onion to the grounds, and put them into tacos with shredded lettuce and Better Than Sour Cream.
One thing I didn't do was sleep in - and I just might take a nap before Downton Abbey tonight (Shen are you watching?!).  

I heart normal weekends. And being (almost) back to my normal.  


  1. Oh, Remy looks so handsome! I especially love the tie. You just reminded me that I hid a box of those cookies in my pantry...
    I'm watching DA too; love it! So glad that Anna won a Globe last night!!!

    1. His groomer always attaches a seasonal bowtie - I'm guessing the glittery look is all about New Year's! Ooh, yes - find those delicious Speculoos cookies quickly!

      I did hear about Anna's award - how awesome!! I think the writers are doing a fantastic job showing the deconstruction of antiquated roles, and the on-set of modernization! I love the props and wardrobe!

  2. Remy looks very cute with his new haircut!
    I made a kale salad because yr dish was so beautiful. No couscous though. The tacos also look really good.
    I don't have a TV so I can only watch shows way, way after they are over but I just added season 4 (maybe?) of Downton Abbey to my Netflix queue. Don't know if you watch American Horror Story, but I love it and I just found out that the Coven season is up on Netflix too! Perfect timing for my convalescing.
    Glad you are feeling back to normal and taking time for yrself. Was the workout class a spin class? I pulled a muscle from coughing so much and it is a reminder to get back to yoga soon.

    1. He knows he is even more handsome than ever. ;)

      It was just a 1/3 cup of couscous for five salad servings, so just a nice sprinkle. The lemony dressing really made it spectacular!

      I love Downton! It's so well made, I feel like I am transported to another era. And Mr. Carson - absolutely adorable, like a well mannered grandpa.

      Yoga is next - it has been too long since I attended a class!

  3. What an adorable little baby. You can tell he feels special.

    So your parents can just drop by? you dont need several weeks notice to hide all incriminating evidence of no longer being five years old?

    Glad you're feeling better. I am stockpiling Downton Abbeys so I can binge watch. Loving The Bachelor so far. Farmer Chris looks like he did a bad thing!

    1. He knows that he is in charge. ;)

      Ha ha! They needed to run an errand near me, and my mother had a couple of things she wanted to drop off for my brother (who I was going to see briefly the next day) Thus, an hour long visit ensued.

      I watched a little of The Bachelor last night - Ashely S. must be on some serious drugs, she crazy! Chris is pretty cute... Hurry up and watch Downton now!

  4. Omg Remy!! I love his sweet face. He looks so handsome after his haircut!

    I'm so glad that things are starting to get back to normal. How great that your were able stick out the whole ride! I know it must have felt so good! And I can definitely see how the speculoos cookies are a necessity! They are so good, especially dunked in tea of ice cold almond milk. Yum !

    Do you have any YouTube yoga recommendations? I'm looking to start it back up again and would love to know if there are any videos you've been enjoying!

    Hope this week goes quickly for you!

    1. Remy thanks you for the compliments - he knows how cute he is!

      It feels so nice to have calm and predictability for the moment. I was more than ready!

      I haven't watched many YouTube yoga channels, but I like - they are local company featuring teachers I know (including my friend I've mentioned over and over!). You do have to create an account, but they have plenty of free classes online. They also have a Groupon out all the time, if you really enjoy it! Otherwise, Kino MacGregor, Rachel Brathen are a couple of yogis whose newsletters I read and I know they have short videos on YouTube!

  5. Hooray for normal weekends and having a little peace and time to yourself. Remy looks fantastic after his grooming. I am always in envy of anyone mentioning their trips to Trader Joe's - you always seem to get the most interesting vegan treats there. I think V Bites have started doing vegan meatballs over here, and they're pretty reliable, so I might give them a go. Fingers crossed there are more of those normal weekends to come!

    1. It was so appreciated! I'd trade cities with you any time, ha ha!

      I hope to have more normal weekends, too! Thanks, Joey!