Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get Ready

How many pictures of Nutty Nuggets (Kroger Brand of "Grape Nuts") and almond milk can I subject you to? How about one more?

Lunch via Whole Foods:
 Up close:

Orange, followed by Gentle Vinyasa.

Dinner: Appetite for Reduction's Shredded Brussel Sprouts (I added collard greens, also in the recipe: onion and garlic), cauliflower mash (spices, unsweetened almond milk), Everyday Happy Herbivore's Miso Gravy.

A large snow storm moved in slowly today, and finally started its downpour during my yoga class. The mountains are expecting two to three feet of snow, and we're expected to get four to eight inches in the city.  I would rather not have a snow day (I know! What am I saying?!) because we have a lot going on tomorrow...  I guess the good news is: Denver is not Atlanta, and we are always prepared.  ;)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Van's Gluten Free Waffle with PB and maple syrup. Oh yes.
 Asian Chopped Salad with mandarin oranges.


Vinyasa Flow.

Everyday Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy over steamed kale and homemade cornbread.  All of her gravies are absolutely amazing.
 Lastly, my neighbor sent me a message, asking if I had use for this container.  She put Remy's friend, Frankie (a Chihuahua mix), in it for scale.
  I'm still laughing...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Naughty & Clean

Most of my meals this weekend were quite indulgent.  A few dark chocolate almond clusters, a Native Foods Reuben and fries. . .

Pancakes & Coffee

Sweet Korma Tofu from Bombay Bowl

I spent a little time with my brother, and had the last meal with a friend (she had never been to Bombay Bowl!), but otherwise I spent my time cleaning.  I hadn't done much at home since Winter Break, and we've had some changes in the schedule at the studio - I was there a half hour longer today because there was so much cleaning to be done.  (Yes, I got a little carried away organizing the yoga room.)

And now since everything is in order, it's time to get back on the nutrition wagon.  Lots of greens heading your way soon! Workouts are still going strong, I'm just rotating spin heavy weeks with yoga heavy weeks.  Last week was three spin and two yoga - this week is three yoga and two spin.

I'm off to enjoy the last bit of weekend left, snuggling with Remy and watching Downton Abbey.  I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two in One

Both yesterday and today had the same breakfast and lunch:

Dinner from last night: Saag, Garlic Hummus, Chapati

Tonight: Breakfast Burritos
 Filling consisted of tofu, pinto beans, spinach, tumeric, sea salt & pepper, onion powder, and nooch.  In the end, smothered in green chile.

Wednesday workout: RideTRX (climbing intervals on the bike, super sore triceps from TRX)
Today: Gentle Vinyasa (hips, quads & hammies, lower back)

Have a great Friday!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Three Day Highlights

Thanks to Dr. King, there was an extra day to the weekend.  Today is meant to be spent in service to others, and while I could have done it elsewhere - I worked (less than two hours) at the studio, handling the front desk: the owner lost her voice as a result of teacher training over the weekend.   Outside of that "service", here are some highlights from the last three days. . .

I'll see you on Thursday with a double post (content from two days)!  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nearly There

Alright, one more day until the weekend. It's going to be a long Friday (we're doing a university tour /panel all day), and the week was long from the start! Speaking of long, I've been eating the same things all week (think Sunday and Tuesday's menu on repeat) - so, I ended that streak with a bang: Native Foods Cafe.

Southwest Chipotle Chop Salad (naked)
Oh yeah.

Prior to that, was Gentle Vinyasa.  It's never quite long enough! I feel like I'm just getting into it when it's time for corpse pose.

Buddha Bowl for Lunch:

Oatmeal with PB for Breakfast:

And prior to all of this - I was sleeping. Probably dreaming it was the weekend...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Complimented with Carbs

Oat Bran with Brown Sugar & Heated Blueberries

Braised Cabbage and Seitan over Brown Rice

Cucumbers with Old Bay Seasoning and Garlic Hummus

Yin Yoga - all about the hip flexors and quads.

Roasted Buddha Bowl over Brown Rice

Does anyone else feel like this week is moving at a glacial pace?! Let's combine our forces and make it fast forward! ;)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Warm Food & Yoga

 Oat Bran with brown sugar, Earl Grey Tea
 Steamed kale and boiled potato tossed in avocado sauce.
Appetite for Reduction's Braised Cabbage with Seitan over brown rice

This week's workout schedule is yoga heavy:
Sunday - Rest
Monday - Align & Flow
Tuesday - Yin 
Wednesday - RideTRX
Thursday - Gentle Vinyasa
Friday - Rest
Saturday - YogaCycle

Lastly, previously unbeknownst to me, Remy's groomer takes Sunday appointments.  Here's the handsome boy:

Will I stay up until 11pm to watch all of Downton Abbey tonight? Will I have only two pieces of dark chocolate tonight? These are my current concerns since I was a good teacher, and finished all my planning before leaving work on Friday. ;)  See you on Tuesday!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Full Saturday

It has been a while since I posted a complete Saturday; usually I show weekend highlights or a full Sunday.  Thus, behold a complete Saturday for your viewing pleasure:
 Half of a grapefruit, oats with strawberry jam mixed in, black coffee.

YogaCycle: I increased my baseline gear, and thus worked a lot harder.  Yoga was a little more balance focused (Warrior 3, Figure 4, etc) with light stretching.

A trip to Sprouts for mostly produce:
I also picked up a roll to add to my lunch of leftover Cuban Black Beans over mixed greens:
 Quick visit at a friend's house, laundry, cleaning, et al.
 Peppercorn Water Crackers and Garlic Hummus

A free evening means adventures in the kitchen: homemade cucumber avocado sushi

Sriracha line as I don't have wasabi.  A little chewier than store bought - but my nori sheets have been living on the top shelf for a while. Otherwise, I impressed myself by remembering the process, seeing as it has been ages since I made homemade sushi rolls.

Dark chocolate and some tea to end the evening.  

P.S. I'm about 85% right now, almost feeling better!  See you tomorrow with Sunday's eats and the weekly workout schedule.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fighting it Off

First, a little background: you might recall me mentioning on-going sinus headaches - I finally did something about it last week when I went to the doctor.  They put me on antibiotics in the event that it was a sinus infection, and a nasal spray.  Which has me also taking acidophilus - so I'm a walking pharmacy.  Nonetheless, I awoke this morning with a pounding sinus headache, so strong it made me nauseous.  In my typical fashion, I thought I could tough it out.  I ate some oat bran. . .very slowly.
 By the time I hit my second class, I had already decided to leave by lunch.  It seems like the whole continent has the flu (and I have never had a flu shot. . .yes, never.  I hope this isn't the year I regret that long standing decision).  Thus, I came home and went straight to bed.  A little later, I thought I'd stomach some pasta:
 The pressure from the sinus headache has persisted and waned off and on. I spent most the afternoon in bed (cuddled by Nurse Remy), and debated about going to yoga the entire time. In the end, I went and in the very least, it was a pleasant distraction.

Nausea subsided, so a full dinner was had: mixed green salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and Annie's Balsamic.
 And yam fries with ketchup.
Whatever it is that wants to live in my system - be warned! I will fight you off! I will sleep more, eat more vegetables, take vitamin B12, drink a gallon of oj (wish I had some right now! Ha!). . .Victory will be mine! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back to Class

Yesterday was a teacher work day, and today the minions cherubs returned.  Thus, tonight is a quick and succinct post (in need of sleep soon!).
PB & Banana Oatmeal

On Sunday, I made Cauliflower Au Gratin - but added carrots and used panko breadcrumbs instead of whole wheat.
 Into lunch it went, as well as mixed greens with spicy garlic hummus.
Afternoon snack: remaining half cup of Potato Leek Soup.

HIIT Ride Class

Two part dinner:
Side plate salad, Cuban Black Beans, and cornbread

I hope your week is moving along well! Goodnight!